• All elective recitals which are "presented by" Ithaca College and thus receive similar staffing to degree-required recitals take place in Nabenhauer. In the spring, they are available only prior to spring break, except with special permission.
  • You may hold an elective recital in another space in the Whalen Center by booking the room with Erik Kibelsbeck, but this is not part of the lottery process.
  • To hold an elective recital outside the school (including the chapel), please contact Campus Center and Event Services.
  • Elective recitals in Nabenhauer are listed on the concert calendar and get stage crew and an usher, but not a recording unless you make arrangements to have it recorded. Those elective recitals not "presented by" Ithaca College will not receive staffing, listing, recording, programs, etc.


  • To schedule an elective recital in Nabenhauer, a student first participates in the lottery which randomly determines the order in which the recitals are scheduled.
  • Visit the Recital Sign-up page to complete the process of entering the lottery.
  • Once your recital is scheduled, it cannot be rescheduled in the same semester except in cases of illness or similar emergency.

After the degree-required recitals are scheduled, those interested in an elective recital will receive an email with:

  1. The time of your appointment at which we will actually schedule the recital. This will be on a Saturday in the morning and/or very early afternoon.
  2. The list of date and time options for your recital, along with further instructions.