Undergraduate Application Process

An overview of the application process to be considered for entry into the School of Music.

Step 1

Review the Audition Requirements

Step 2

Complete and Submit the Common Application ($60 fee)

Common Application

Fall Admission:

  • Early Decision Deadline: November 1 (Must select the December audition date)
  • Regular Decision Deadline: December 1

Step 3

Submit an Audition Form via GetAcceptd and choose an audition date  ($40 fee) 

GetAcceptd Audition Form

(Regular Decision applicants must submit the Audition Form before December 1; Early Decision submissions are due by November 1)

  • Students auditioning on the December date will be invited to schedule their specific audition time(s) on November 15
  • Students auditioning on the January or February dates will be invited to schedule their specific audition time(s) on December 15
  • Students required to submit pre-screening materials will upload these through the Audition Form, in addition to selecting their preferred audition date
  • Students who need to change their audition date after submitting the Audition Form MUST contact the School of Music directly at music@ithaca.edu
  • Students interested in applying for multiple degrees/instruments MUST submit a second audition form (a fee waiver will be provided for these submissions)

In addition to academic and musical background information, the Audition Form will ask applicants for:

Personal Statements:

  • What are your career goals and aspirations?
  • What are the skills and experiences you believe are most important to you in achieving your career goals and aspirations?
  • Why do you believe Ithaca College and the School of Music are a good fit for you and your collegiate studies?

Letter(s) of Recommendation: 

  • One (1) reference from a public or private music teacher is required.  Applicants are encouraged to submit more than one reference, if possible.  Piano applicants must list their private piano teacher.

Musical Résumé: 

  • Provide a brief musical résumé, including musical activities in high school, during summers, honors and awards received, leadership activities and/or offices held, and other significant non-music activities

Music Education Response (optional, if applicable):

  • Students applying for music education are invited to provide a video response to "Why do you want to become a music educator?" (2-minute maximum) 

Pre-Screening and Supplemental Materials:

  • Information regarding acceptable electronic formats can be found here.
  • Information regarding pre-screening requirements by instrument can be found here.
  • Please note that all Undergraduate Voice, Drum Set, Saxophone, and Sound Recording Technology applicants must submit a video recording.

Additional Requirements by Degree:

Students applying for a B.M. in Composition will be asked to submit two scores of original works with sound files (MIDI or live). More information can be found on our Composition Audition Requirements page.

Jazz Applicants are required to prepare both a classical and jazz audition.  

Applicants are encouraged to audition on-campus, in order to demonstrate their ability to improvise with a live rhythm section (provided by Ithaca College).

Applicants must also prepare several song selections from the list of approved selections at the following page: For Jazz Studies Majors

Audition Information

Information about auditions can be found on our Audition page.

Important notes:

  • B.M. in Composition, B.M. in Sound Recording Technology, and B.M. in Jazz Studies applicants 
    must select an on-campus audition date.
  • Percussion applicants are highly encouraged to perform an on-campus audition.
  • Regional auditions are not available for:
    • All Undergraduate Percussion Applicants
    • B.M. in Composition
    • B.M. in Jazz Studies
    • B.M. in Sound Recording Technology

Acceptance and Notification

Consideration for admission to Ithaca College and the School of Music involves three steps:

  1. Our faculty members assess the audition and provide an evaluation to the Dean and Director of Music Admission for the School of Music.
  2. The Director of Music Admission makes a recommendation to the College's Director of Admission based on the results of the audition and review of the music application and supporting documents.
  3. The College's Director of Admission makes an admission decision based on the admission committee's evaluation of academics and the admission recommendation from the School of Music.

In some cases, an applicant may not satisfactorily meet the audition requirements to be a music major but may still be admitted to Ithaca College for study in another degree. Conversely, an applicant may meet the music requirements but not be admitted to Ithaca College because of academic deficiencies.

The timeline for admission notification is dependent upon a number of variables. Most applicants will be notified of an admission decision between March 1 and April 1. Some applicants may be notified sooner, if possible.

Dual-Degrees & Double Majors

Students cannot enter Ithaca College in a dual-degree or double major unless it is already established (i.e. B.M. in Performance & Music Education). Students interested in combining programs must speak to the Associate Dean of the School of Music to review the feasibility of the combination, including a projected timeline, and next steps. The Associate Dean can be contacted at musicassocdean@ithaca.edu.

Early Decision

The Office of Admission encourages qualified candidates who have selected Ithaca College as their first choice to apply early decision. Music applicants who apply early decision must audition on the December on-campus audition date.
See Undergraduate Admission: Application Deadlines for more information.

Early Action

The School of Music does not participate in the early action program.

Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Services is committed to partnering with families to assist all students in meeting educational costs through scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs whenever possible. Merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid awards are available. See Financial Aid at Ithaca for more information.

Transfer Students

Learn more on our Transfer Students page.

Transfer Credit (AP, IB, CLEP)

Ithaca College currently accepts Advanced Placement Exams, CLEP exams, and International Baccalaureate Exams.  Exam results must be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar from the testing agency.


Admission to Ithaca College and the School of Music is selective.  The number of applicants far exceeds the number of available spaces in studios and programs. As a result, some applicants will be offered a place on a waitlist. Applicants may choose to accept or deny a wait-list offer.

If the offer is accepted, the student may be considered for admission if space becomes available. Applicants typically receive final notification before or during the month of April.

Contact Information

Music Admission
3322 Whalen Center for Music
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY 14850