• These instruments are available for recital use and are located in the following rooms

                 1. Ford Hall - located just off the stage in JJWCM 4309

                 2. Hockett - located in the closet within the storage room off the stage.

                 3. Nabenhauer - located in the closet to the right when entering the room.

  • Only harpsichord players approved by the harpsichord professor and piano faculty are allowed to use these instruments.
  • No one may tune the harpsichords without the permission of the harpsichord professor or piano technician.
  • The piano technician must be informed immediately if a previous request for harpsichord has been cancelled. Most harpsichord use for recitals takes place on the weekends. This requires overtime for the piano technician to tune the instrument.
  • It is necessary to have qualified stage crew present to move these instruments. The harpsichords in Hockett and Nabenhauer must be removed from the moving truck when in place for use. The Ford instrument must remain on the truck. There are locking wheels on the truck for the Ford instrument to keep it in place on stage.
  • Faculty must notify the piano technician at the beginning of the semester if any of these instruments are going to be used in their recital. Students must note on the recital request form their intention on using one of these instruments.
  • The instruments in Ford and Hockett have transposing keyboards so they can be used for Baroque pitch. Please do not try to transpose the keyboard yourself without proper instruction from the harpsichord professor or piano technician.
  • The harpsichords must be covered at all times when not in use. Also, the instrument must remain covered when moving.


  • The School of Music Facilities Coordinator is the use coordinator of the continuo organ; all usage and tuning needs should be addressed to them.
  • The continuo organ must be covered at all times when not in use. Also, the instrument must remain covered when moving.
  • Moving should be kept to a reasonable minimum, and must be done carefully with the cover on.
  • The organ may be used for ensembles, faculty or guest recitals, and student recitals in Ford, Hockett, or Nabenhauer. Appropriate help lifting the instrument to the Nabenhauer stage will be required.
  • The organ will not leave the building except under extraordinary circumstances.
  • The organ professor will maintain a list of who is authorized to play the organ. To be on the list, individuals will need a brief tutorial in its use. (Just because someone has the harpsichord closet key does not necessarily mean they are authorized to play the organ.)