• We supply a two-person stage crew for the recital; one is available to turn pages for a pianist if desired. If your setup or changes require more people, you are welcome to provide volunteers to assist. No crew is provided for dress rehearsals.
  • Available lighting is limited to clear washes and pre-set lighting settings, essentially no special effects are possible.
  • Stand lights can be checked out in advance from the Instrument Repair Shop window; none are available from the concert staff.
  • If your staging/setup needs are anything beyond a basic setup, including the use of the shell in Ford, please be in touch with Erik Kibelsbeck (JJWCM 3328) two weeks before your recital.
  • If you plan to use any projection, please plan ahead to make sure it works for you. While stage crew will do their best to help, you should not assume they can make untested PowerPoints (etc) work at the last moment. Technically, we do not provide technical support.
  • If you plan to seat audience on stage in Ford Hall, you must notify the concert manager of the desired configuration three weeks prior to the recital. Note that some setups will mean your recording will not sound good unless you hire recording services to treat the recital as a recording session with special microphones, etc.
  • NB: Since the renovation most people do not use shells in Ford, but if you are using them, for your dress rehearsal you are responsible for getting them from the Ford Hall stage-left closet, setting them up, AND returning them afterwards. Instructions are on the back. Stage crew will handle them for the performance.


For any information regarding stage setup planning, please contact Erik Kibelsbeck.