Ithaca jazz events scheduled for the Spring 2020 semester:

  • Jan 27: Jazz Vocal Repertory Ensemble, 8:15PM Hockett
  • Feb 2: Ithaca College Jazz Ensemble, Cornell Jazz Ensemble and Ithaca High School Jazz Ensemble The Fourth Annual Ithaca Big Band Summit, 2PM Ford
  • Feb 21: Scott Bruce elective jazz drum set recital, 8:15PM Ford
  • Feb 28: Theo Curtin junior jazz guitar recital, 7PM Hockett
  • Feb 29: Jazz Ensemble with guest saxophone artist Alexa Tarantino, 8:15PM Ford
  • Mar 22: Jazz Vocal Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble, 4PM Ford
  • Apr 16: Michelle Shaubi jazz vocal senior recital, 8:15PM Ford
  • Apr 19: Ben Monacelli jazz vocal senior recital, 3PM Ford
  • Apr 21: Jazz Repertory Ensemble, 8:15PM Ford
  • Apr 24: Jazz Vocal Ensemble, 8:15PM Ford
  • Apr 25: Jazz Lab Band, 3PM Ford
  • Apr 27: Jazz Vocal Repertory Ensemble, 7PM Hockett
  • Apr 29: Jazz Ensemble with guest trumpet artist Vincent DiMartino, 8:15PM Ford

Is your jazz concert not on this list? Contact Mike Titlebaum to have it added or to correct any errors.

Questions about the jazz program at Ithaca College? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.