CD Order Form

  • All degree-required recitals / concerts in the Whalen Center for Music are recorded for archival. This includes Student Ensembles, credit bearing recitals, as well as Faculty performances. Please see additional information in the Recital Planning guide.
  • CD's of these events can be order at anytime, before, or after the event has occurred.
  • For events that do not fall under the above criteria (including Elective Recitals), please use the Recording Session Request Form for your Recording and CD's.
  • To order CD's of your performance, please fill out this form, calculate your payment, print out the confirmation email, attach cash, check, or money order in an envelope, and place in the mail slot of Whalen room #4104.
  • or, mail to: Recording Services / Ithaca College / School of Music / 953 Danby Road / Ithaca, NY 14850-7000.
  • Orders without payment cannot be processed.
  • Please note we can only make 5 copies per order.  
  • Make checks / money orders payable to Ithaca College.