Meet Our Tour Guide Studying Business, Economics, and Management

Sarah Shenman, Ithaca College Business (marketing) major

Sarah Shenman
Hometown: Oradell, New Jersey
Major: Business Administration (marketing concentration)
Clubs: American Marketing Association

Why did you choose IC?
Ithaca College has always held a special place in my heart. My parents are both alumni and met here their freshman year. Because of this, I have grown up hearing all about their love for Ithaca. During my college search, the first time I had ever felt that feeling of seeing myself somewhere other than home was when I toured IC. I love the sense of community here and the endlessly supportive environment that professors and students continue to build.
I went to the AMA International Collegiate Conference in March 2023, in New Orleans as a part of the American Marketing Association representing Ithaca College. This was a great opportunity to connect with fellow student marketers, as we were competing in a case study competition with other schools. It was also a great networking opportunity as well as gaining meaningful insight from guest speakers.
Go with your gut. The college search process is such an overwhelming yet exciting time. It can be easy to get caught up in the small details. Don’t let other people’s opinions impact what feels right for you. College is really what you make of it and the opportunities you choose to take.

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