Ava Kaiser

Ava Kaiser

Email: akaiser3@ithaca.edu
From: Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Class of 2023
Major: Environmental Studies

What clubs/organizations are you involved in?

IC Outdoor Club

What is the best class that you’ve taken so far and why?

The best class I have taken at IC is Environmental Sentinels. It’s an environmental studies major requirement, but it’s also a life-changing experience. The class basically immerses you in the outdoors—physically because you spend the entire four-hour class outside, but the class also equips you with knowledge about the ground you walk on, trees you sit under, and rivers you cross. If you want to feel comfortable in nature and connected to it, take Sentinels.

Is there anything else you would want to share with a prospective student?

There may be hesitation to join a smaller school—a campus with fewer than 7,000 students seems tiny compared to other schools. But, what you receive at IC is genuine support and individual attention. Professors want you to succeed, and they care about your performance. Any guidance that you seek as a student is consistently granted because the professors make the time to give it to you. The support system is unmatched.