Paige Tolan

Paige Tolan


From: Taunton, MA

Class of 2024

Major: Television-Radio

Minor: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

What clubs/organizations you are involved in?

  • Producer at ICTV: I am a Producer for the show “ICTV Reports,” which gives me an amazing opportunity to be deeply involved with ICTV. I get to use all the equipment the Park School has to offer and go out into the field to capture stories in Ithaca.
  • Player, Secretary, and Social Media Coordinator (Eboard Member) of the Ithaca College Women’s Club Soccer Team: I play for the Ithaca College Women’s Club Soccer Team as well as make graphics and connect with the community through social media. Additionally, I connect with other players to make a game schedule with teams in the surrounding area.

Are you involved in IC athletics? 

Ithaca College Women’s Club Soccer Team.

Why did you choose Ithaca College?

I chose Ithaca College because of the connected community that IC is. Everyone I have met -from professors, to peers, to alumni- is extremely helpful, supportive, and genuine.

Is there anything else you would want to share with a prospective student?

Ithaca College is a school that has endless opportunities for a wide range of interests. The school, community, opportunities, programs, and people make this college home away from home. Do not be hesitant to get involved and make memories.