Faculty & Staff

Faculty use HomerConnect to:

  • view class lists
  • view teaching schedule
  • submit grades
  • view advisee lists
  • perform degree evaluations with students

Staff members use HomerAdmin to:

  • process registration overrides
  • view class lists
  • review student information
  • manage sport rosters
  • view student or faculty schedules 

    Due to the confidential nature and sensitivity, they are not available to students or the general public

    Student Related Forms:
    Once approved, these forms can only be accepted from the Ithaca College email address of the faculty member or Dean, or, if delivered in person, in a paper format by a department staff or faculty member.

    Incomplete Grade Form:
    Is now electronic and must be submitted through IC Workflow.

    Wavier Substitution Form:
    Is now electronic and must be submitted through IC Workflow.

    Other Forms Available:

    • Course Section Change Request form
    • Experimental Course Worksheet
    • Report Request form
    • Student Mass Email Request form

    The Report Requests form is used to  request changes to existing Report Center reports, request new permanent reports to be published to The Reporting Center or request one time ad hoc reports. 

    The Student Mass Email request is used to request an email to be sent to a defined population of Ithaca College students to their Ithaca College email address and requires supervisor approval.