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The CFE promotes equitable organizational change, develops inclusive teaching pedagogy, presents resources that support faculty roles as educators and scholars, offers mentorship and support, and provides award and grant opportunities for Ithaca College faculty.

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Ithaca College Faculty Awards 2020-2021

Faculty Excellence Award Recipients
Fae Dremock, Environmental Studies & Sciences
Sarah Fishel, Physical Therapy
David Gondek, Biology
M. Nicole Horsley, Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity
Patrice Pastore, Performance Studies
Nicholas Walker, Performance Studies

The President Shirley M. Collado Faculty Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Ithaca College Community Recipient
Nia Nunn, Education

Instructional Development Fund
Shola Ajayi, Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies
Filmmakers of Color: A Participatory Guide on Race, Representation, and Inclusion in the Film and Television Industry

Laura Amoriello, Performance Studies
MNDFL Certification and Training

Eber Silveira Beck & Sanghee Moon, Physical Therapy
Teaching Virtual Reality (VR) Neuroanatomy to Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Students

Diane Gayeski, Strategic Communication
Enhancement of Critical Issues Course

Martha Guth & Rachel Schutz, Performance Studies
Black Voices Matter

Austin Jones, Theatre Arts
National Alliance of Acting Teachers Teacher Development Program

Peter Melcher, Biology; Mike Haaf, Chemistry; Anne Stork, Environmental Studies and Sciences
Plants to Product: New Cross-Discipline CURE Base Course

Kari Brossard Stoos, Health Promotion and Physical Education
One Health: Preparing Public Health Students to Prevent and Respond to Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Cory Young, Strategic Communication
Course Enhancement of Speechwriting and Interviewing

Summer Grants
Samah Choudhury, Philosophy & Religion
Humor, Race, and the Study of Islam

Lisa Corewyn, Anthropology
Determining Genetic Population Structure of Threatened Mantled Howler Monkeys (Alouatta palliata) in a Fragmented Habitat at La Pacificia, Costa Rica

Rebecca Craig, Chemistry
Quantifying pH Impacts on Acid-Catalyzed Secondary Organic Aerosol Reactions

Xinxin Li, Finance & International Business
Housing Market in China from a National Cultural Perspective

James Pfrehm, Modern Languages & Literatures
Fulbright Specialist Research

Evis Sammoutis, Music Theory, History, and Composition
Flutes Transcending Time and Borders: Composition of Two Works Featuring the Pan Flute and the Txistu

Christin Schillinger, Performance Studies
Notes for Bassoonists: A Guide to the Repertoire

Edward Schneider, Strategic Communication
Children Who Read Their Favorite Shows: A Quantitative Analysis of Closed Captioning in Children’s Educational Animation

Priya Sirohi, Writing
Archival Research for a Publication Titled “The Ransom of the Public Sphere by the ‘Nabobs’ of the Public Sphere: Precarious Deliberations on Imperial Morality and the Late Eighteenth Century English East India Company

Zohreh Soltani, Art History
Tehran’s Shahyad Square

Andy Watts, Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies

Cory Young, Strategic Communication
NFL, Racial Norming, and the Concussion Settlement

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