Center for Faculty Excellence

The CFE promotes equitable organizational change, develops inclusive teaching pedagogy, presents resources that support faculty roles as educators and scholars, offers mentorship and support, and provides award and grant opportunities for Ithaca College faculty.

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Asynchronous Canvas Training
Learn how to navigate Canvas using guided video tutorials.
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IC Teaching Program
Visit a colleague's classroom: November 1-5, 2021
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Sakai to Canvas
See the latest on the LMS Sakai Replacement Project
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What is the “One Week of Teaching Visits”? 
Faculty hosts across IC’s many disciplines will open their classes to colleagues. Each faculty guest will sign up to attend a class session during the week as an opportunity to use the “power of observation” to reflect on their own teaching practices. 

These observations are not intended as critiques, nor are they meant to be a way for faculty to gather feedback about their performance. Instead, these visits provide an opportunity for real-world observations and to self-reflect about the pedagogical choices we make as instructors. Observers may ask themselves, “What did I realize about my own teaching by watching someone else? How did the observation affirm what I do or spark interest in something I would like to try?”  
Why is this being offered? 

Too often in higher education, instructors do not have the opportunity to watch, think about, and discuss each other’s teaching, and therefore we struggle in what Lee Shulman has called, “pedagogical solitude.” The CFE works to change this isolation by creating occasions to foster pedagogical community. 

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