Center for Faculty Excellence

The Center for Faculty Excellence is deeply committed to inclusion and equity in the academy and all its processes, including teaching, research, mentoring, and leadership development.

We envision a college community where theory and practice come together to inspire and guide all community members in the enactment of significant learning.


Our mission is to serve the college community through a commitment to holistic, integrated teaching and learning at every level of community life.

At the CFE we develop, lead, advance, and support campus initiatives that are designed to engage the robust development of every aspect of our faculty members’ professional lives. Our goals are to deepen pedagogical knowledge and practices for all college community members and to advance positive organizational change in the service of inclusive excellence. It is our privilege to dedicate our knowledge to promoting excellence in our faculty in the knowledge that such excellence contributes to our students’ success.


  • Goal 1: Lead, advance, and support campus initiatives that influence the educational mission of the college.

  • Goal 2: Initiate and sustain partnerships with all relevant campus programs, units, departments, and schools in order to advance positive organizational change in the service of engaged teaching and learning.

  • Goal 3: Informed by the principle that learning happens everywhere on campus, we work to deepen the pedagogical knowledge and teaching effectiveness of all college community members.

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