Connect, Support, Inspire, and Engage

The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) is guided by the principles of the Ithaca College strategic plan, IC 20/20, to inspire organizational growth and change toward an integrated, holistic approach to higher education. We do so through opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators to connect with each other in a process of continuous professional development. We provide support for the IC Community to work individually and collaboratively in order to enhance their efforts in teaching, research, and service. Because learning happens everywhere, we promote evidenced-based pedagogies that cultivate student engagement, learning, and academic success.  

CONNECT with colleagues through scheduled events.

Find SUPPORT for your teaching, research, and community initiatives.

INSPIRE each other to teach, reflect, and learn.

ENGAGE your students in significant experiences.


Fall 2017 Highlights

The CFE is dedicated to working with faculty in all facets of professional life in the academy. We have strong programs dedicated to teaching and learning, mentoring and leadership, and particular programs for each major cohort of academic life: early career, mid-career, and advanced career.

Upcoming programs and award opportunities include...

Conversations after Charlottesville
Co-hosted by Sean Eversley Bradwell and Wade Pickren
Please note all sessions are at full capacity; we apologize for any inconvenience. 

Center for Faculty Excellence, 316 Gannett

The Device Debate: Student Use of Technology in the Classroom
Monday, October 30, 2:30-3:30
Center for Faculty Excellence, 316 Gannett

In addition to our programming, we offer faculty a variety of resources and award opportunities, from teaching resources on inclusive teaching and course design, to our Small Grants Program for Course Development or Redesign. Are you developing or redesigning a course that incorporates or is focused on issues of equity, diversity, or inclusion or concerns international/cultural issues? If so, please consider applying for the CFE small grant for course development. The program provides small grants of up to $300 to individual faculty members to help defray the costs of books, other print materials, digital resources such as DVDs or other electronic resources, and laboratory supplies. Material purchases are limited to items that are directly related to the development or redesign of the course. The program is not intended for use by faculty in their quest for advanced degrees. Early career and ALANA faculty are strongly encouraged to apply.

CFRD Released Time Call for Proposals
Full-time, continuing faculty members are invited to submit proposals to the Center for Faculty Excellence for Center for Faculty Research and Development (CFRD) released time during the 2018-2019 academic year. For course release in Fall 2018, please submit your proposal (including the Cover Sheet, and no more than two single-spaced pages) to your respective dean (through your department chair) by Monday, October 23.  We in turn ask deans to review the proposals and forward only those deemed appropriate and competitive to the Center for Faculty Excellence, 316 Gannett Center, by Monday, October 31.

Questions? Comments? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Center for Faculty Excellence
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