Submit and IDF: Diversity/International Projects

Procedures for Submitting a Proposal
1. Department chairs/directors and/or deans should be consulted about the project before the proposal is finalized and submitted for review.

2. Proposals that are complete, concise, clear, and comply with the specified format will be considered for funding. All proposed expenditures must be detailed and fully justified. At the Committee’s discretion, vague proposals will be returned to the author for clarification or will be refused. Faculty applicants are encouraged to discuss ideas of drafts with Committee members beforehand.

3. If completion of a project will require support from Information Technology Services (ITS) or the Center for Educational Technology (CET), a memo of support from ITS/CET should accompany the proposal.

4. Email a copy of your complete proposal to the Center for Faculty Excellence at and send one paper copy, containing signatures from the department chair/director and the dean, to the Center for Faculty Excellence, 316 Gannett Center, by the published deadline (see below). When support for a workshop is requested, the printed announcement, brochure, or website link for it should be included in the proposal.

Proposal Contents
• completed application form signed by the chair/director and dean
• highlighted current or proposed course syllabus/syllabi affected by the project.
• letter of recommendation specifying significance of the project
• brochure or letter of acceptance outlining topics and specifics (time, place, date, cost, etc.) of the
workshop or learning experience, if applicable

Proposals are due in the Center for Faculty Excellence, 316 Gannett Center, by September 15 or November 15 for fall and spring implementation, February 15 for spring and summer implementation, and April 15 for summer and fall implantation. If the 15th falls on a weekend, the submission deadline will be extended to the next week day. Decisions for funding will be communicated by letter within one month after the deadline for submitting proposals. 

Download Submit and IDF: Diversity/International Projects
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