Center for Faculty Research and Development (CFRD) Released Time
Released time for full-time, continuing faculty to pursue pedagogical, research (including collaborative student/faculty research), and creative projects; to engage in outreach ("service") activities that engage the faculty member's professional training and talents; and to write grant proposals that will be submitted to external sources for additional funding. We are also seeking proposals that involve released time for more than one person. The role of CFRD funds is to support worthwhile endeavors that might otherwise go unfunded. The CFE sends out a Request for Proposals for released time in the early fall.

Instructional Development Fund: Direct Course Enhancement
The main objective of this fund is to improve qualitatively the content and/or methods of instruction in existing or proposed courses at Ithaca College. The fund intends to encourage faculty members to respond to specific academic needs at this institution by refining or updating teaching skills, cultivating expertise, or developing innovative instructional materials and resources that contribute to an improved and more current curriculum. Submission deadlines: September 15, November 15, February 15, April 15.

Instructional Development Fund: Diversity/International Projects
Applicants should keep in mind the institutional goals of IC to increase diversity programming and be aware of IC’s intention to improve our efforts in educating global citizens. Submission deadlines: September 15, November 15, February 15, April 15.

Small Grants
This program will provide small grants of up to $300 to individual faculty members to help defray the costs connected with developing or redesigning a course that incorporates or is focused on diversity and/or international/cultural issues ( Costs covered include books, other print materials, digital resources such as DVDs or other electronic resources, and laboratory supplies when relevant. Material purchases are limited to items that are directly related to the development or redesign of the course. The program is not intended for use by faculty in their quest for advanced degrees. Early career and ALANA faculty are strongly encouraged to apply.

Summer Research Grants
Proposals may be submitted by full-time continuing Ithaca College faculty members and by faculty regularly employed on at least a half-time basis. This grant program is intended to support post-terminal degree scholarly endeavors. Awards provide compensation for 8 weeks of full-time research. Submision deadline: February 15.

Internal grant opportunities administered by the Office of the Provost.
External funding sources through Sponsored Research.

2015-2016 Listing of Internal and External Grant Recipients