Locations and Hours

Order food from retail dining venues on Grubhub!

Ithaca Bakery - Summer Hours

May 24th through August 21st

Ithaca Bakery
   Monday - Friday  |  8am - 1:30pm

Food Court - Summer Hours

May 24th through August 21st

Food Court
   Monday - Friday  |  11am - 3pm

Grubhub! Pre-order and pick up your grub at campus retail dining locations

Download the Ithaca campus Grubhub app to access all retail menus. It's easy, fast, and you can order grub in advance! Ithaca Bakery, IC Food Court, Chick-N-Bap, Library Cafe, Park Cafe, and Towers Marketplace menus are accessible via the app. Pre-order, and pick up your order when you receive a text notification! Each location will have a kiosk available to pre-order if you don't have a smartphone on hand. Bomber Bucks and ID Express accepted.