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How do I select a Meal Plan?

We have recently transitioned to a self-operated dining program, and Ithaca College has changed its meal plan structure. Ithaca College now offers one flat-rate Unlimited Meal Plan for students who live on campus. The meal plan also includes $230 Bomber Bucks to purchase food campus eateries. Implementing this change not only allowed Ithaca College to lower the price of what was formerly the most popular meal plan, but also helps combat food insecurity on campus. 

Students who live off-campus or reside in Circles or Garden Apartments have the option of choosing the Unlimited Plan or the Commuter Plan, which consists of 5 Meals per week and $600 in Bomber Bucks to use at campus eateries. Please contact Student Financial Services at (607) 274-3131,, or visit the office on the 2nd floor of the Peggy Ryan Williams Center during business hours, to opt-in for a Voluntary Meal Plan.

Where can I use my meal plan?

Meal Plan swipes can be used in Terrace & Campus Center Dining Halls. Bomber Bucks can be used at any on-campus retail location.

How do I purchase Bomber Bucks?

You can start to add more Bomber Bucks this Fall, through the GET App. You can manage your account from your computer or GET Mobile for Android | iOS.

What is the difference between Bomber Bucks and ID Express?

Bomber Bucks are a supplement to the meal plan and can be used in any campus location that sells food items. Bomber Bucks are tax exempt and must be used within the Academic Year. ID Express is a debit account opened through Ithaca College and not associated with Dining Services. More information on ID Express

Do my Bomber Bucks carry over if I don't use them?

Since Bomber Bucks are a part of a student's meal plan, they must be used within the Academic Year. Bomber Bucks will carry over from the Fall Semester to the Spring Semester, but any unused funds will expire at the end of May during the current Academic Year. (Note: If a meal plan is not continued into Spring semester, any leftover Bomber Bucks will be forfeited after the meal plan change period, which usually runs about two weeks into the semester).

Where can I find dining hall menus and hours of operation?

We are embarking upon a new menuing solution this summer which is very exciting! So, we hope you'll be excited too! More information to share in upcoming months!  Summer Hours of Operation can be found here.

What do I do if I have a special dietary need or food allergy?

Our offerings to those requiring special diets are located here. If you are having difficulty finding food that fits your needs, please contact us at or ask to speak to a manager or supervisor on duty for assistance.

Do I have to select which meal plan I want every year?

The meal plan structure has changed! First year students will be automatically enrolled into the Unlimited Plan which features $230.00 in Bomber Bucks. This plan allows you unlimited access to any of the dining halls and it's less expensive than last year's default plan (14 meals per week + $180 Bomber Bucks) and includes 20% more Bomber Bucks! Students moving to an on-campus apartment, or living off-campus have the option to select either the Unlimited Plan or to opt in for the brand new Commuter Plan, which includes 5 Meals per week with $600 Bomber Bucks to use during the semester!  When you're too busy to pack a lunch, or go home to make a meal, the 5 Meal Plan/$600 Bomber Bucks is the perfect plan for students living in on-campus apartments or off-campus. 

Please contact Student Financial Services at (607) 274-3131,, or visit the office on the 2nd floor of the Peggy Ryan Williams Center during business hours, to opt-in for a Voluntary Meal Plan.

What if I am sick and I can't make it to the dining hall?

If you have an isolating sickness, such as influenza, or you are too sick to leave your room, you can arrange to receive a hot meal from the dining hall! Housing and Meal Arrangements for Sick Students

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