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ALANA Student OrganizationsALANA Student Organizations
Student organizations that promote the academic, social, and political progression of a racial and/or ethnic group

The Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs (OSEMA) works closely with those student organizations whose mission statements promote the academic, social, and political progression of a racial and/or ethnic group or groups. Their work with these organizations includes advising, program planning for cultural theme month celebrations, and other OSEMA-sponsored events, as well as supporting the ALANA Student Council.

The ALANA Student Council is a collective effort of all represented and recognized ALANA/student of color organizations to strengthen the community, collaborate on initiatives, and engage in meaningful and intentional dialogue on campus climate and current events.

OSEMA recognizes, values, and supports the importance of student organizations as they aid in the development of leadership skills, as well as personal and professional success. The experiences gained through student organization involvement supports students' growth as individuals, professionals, and global citizens.

These student organizations include:

  • African Latino Society (ALS)
  • African Students Association (ASA)
  • Amani Gospel Singers
  • Asian American Alliance (AAA)
  • Brothers4Brothers (B4B)
  • Caribbean Students Association (CSA)
  • Chinese Student and Scholars Association 
  • National Association of Black Accountants
  • Park Association for Journalists of Color
  • PODER: Latino Student Association
  • Sister2Sister (S2S)

To learn more about these or other Ithaca College student organizations, please visit OrgSync.