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Religious CommunitiesReligious Communities
Fostering goodwill between people of different faiths and performing acts of service in the Ithaca community and beyond

Each of the religious communities on the Ithaca College campus participates in service and social justice activities in the City of Ithaca and beyond. Past efforts have sent students to work with the poor and homeless of the South Bronx and to build and repair homes in Nicaragua.

The Interfaith Council promotes cooperation, respect, and goodwill between all religious communities at the College. The council sponsors speakers, retreats, and presentations aimed at bringing students of all beliefs together to better understand issues of ethics, morality, and spirituality.

Regardless of religious affiliation, all of the campus' chaplains work with and are available to help students from across the spectrum of faith.

These communities all call Muller Chapel home. In addition to worship services, students can participate in various faith-centered clubs and organizations, including Hillel, Habitat for Humanity, and the Amani Gospel Singers.

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