Andrew Smith

Professor, Biology



Fall 2021

  • BIOL-21400  Animal Physiology Lecture and Labs
  • BIOL-210, 302, and 400  Research in Biology


  • BIOL-10800 Human Organism
  • BIOL-11900 Fundamentals of Biology I Lab
  • BIOL-12100  Principles of Biology I, Cell and Molecular Lecture and Labs
  • BIOL-22800 Evolution of Adaptations
  • BIOL-30100  Literature in Biology
  • BIOL-41100/41200   Biology Seminar
  • BIOL-46100   Ecophysiology
  • BIOL-47600  Endocrinology
  • BIOC-48100 Current Topics in Biochemistry

Description of Courses

The catalog is available here.