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IC Biochemistry alumnus Scott Werneke ’06 and IC Biology faculty member Brooks Miner will be part of a panel discussion on Covid-19

Brooks Miner and our alum will be a speaker!

Honors Rapid Response Salon on Covid-19: Virology, Evolution, Biotechnology

TAs NEEDED - Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular

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2020 Sigma Xi Inductees

Names of 2020 biology and biochemistry inductees, along with the description of the chapter.

Congratulations, Inductees!

The Ithaca College Paulen A. Smith chapter of Sigma Xi is for science and engineering.  In 2005, the chapter was named the Paulen A. Smith Chapter at Ithaca College in honor of Paulen Smith, Professor Emeritus of Physics, a long standing advocate for the honor society. 

Congratulations, to our newest inductees:

  • Fardin Ahmed, Biochemistry 
  • Claire Conklin, Biochemistry
  • Cory Davis, Biochemistry
  • Kate Mori, Biology
  • Jelani Williams, Biochemistry

2020 Tri-Beta Inductees

Names of 2020 biology and biochemistry inductees, along with the description of the chapter.

Congratulations, BBB Inductees 2020!

TriBeta has evolved to become a nationally recognized professional honor society whose purposes are to promote scholarship in the biological sciences, growth in biological knowledge and to encourage research.

  • Eric Choi, Biochemistry
  • George DuCasse, Biochemistry
  • Allison Fan, Biology
  • Sainabou Jallow, Biology / Math
  • Kristina Morris, Biochemistry
  • Elizabeth Ryan, Biochemistry 
  • Kendall  Wald, Biology / ENVS

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Faculty, Kudos!

Andy Smith was recently interviewed for an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about a new reversible adhesive inspired by snail glue. This wasn’t based on his research; instead he was interviewed as an expert in the field to provide context for the development. Here is the link:

  • You will see on his webpage, his research has been in many different social media formats.

Andy was also  the keynote talk at the Annual Meetings of the Adhesion Society in Charleston, SC.  Andy’s talk was titled “Double networks and gastropod glue: Unlocking the potential of adhesive gels”. The Adhesion Society brings together researchers from academic and industrial labs from around the world to discuss the latest developments in the field. Dr. Smith presented recent work from his lab on an unusual biological glue produced by a terrestrial slug. His research demonstrated the toughening mechanism of the glue, and provided detailed evidence identifying the chemical interactions that cause it to set into a firm adhesive. Adhesive gels are becoming widely recognized for their potential as an alternative to stitches, and the double network mechanism is a major advance in making gels that are sufficiently tough for this role. Dr. Smith’s work was the first to demonstrate that a biological material uses the double network mechanism to achieve toughness. This work has inspired the development of a novel biomedical adhesive.


John Confer continues to work in retirement.  He is the co-author of this poster:  Behavioral interactions between nest-parasitic Merlins (Falco columbarius) and nest-building Fish Crows (Corvus ossifragus) in a new zone of overlap.  Presented by Connor O’H. Loomis1, Anne B. Clark, John Confer, Kevin McGowan. International meeting of the Animal Behavior Society. University of Illinois at Chicago. July 2019.