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Peter Melcher has Joined the Editorial Team as Associate Editor!

Peter has joined the editorial team as Associate Editor for the Journal Frontiers: Plant Biophysics and Modeling

Plant biophysics focuses on the basic physical principles guiding plant development, growth, and physiology, and how these processes lead to well adapted and optimized systems. Plant Biophysics and Modeling aims to publish the best research at the interface of physics, mathematics, and plant biology, and welcomes a wide range of research, both empirical and theoretical in nature, and at all scales of organization — from the molecular to the organismal level. We especially welcome contributions in the area of molecular and cell biophysics, physiology, biomimetics, synthetic biology, quantitative developmental studies, and biomechanics.

Andy Smith's research was on BBC radio on August 14!

Image of a slug

The episode is available for download.

Andy Smith was interviewed by BBC radio about his research (and glues and slimes in general).  The episode is available for download.   The interview was part of an episode for their CrowdScience program called "What is the point of slime?". In the interview, Andy talks about the molecular structure of slime and how it gives rise to unusual properties. In particular, some slimes are remarkably sticky, and extraordinarily difficult to wash off. The discussion of slime's structure is followed by other interviews focusing on the diversity of slimes in the animal kingdom and their impact on humans before returning to Andy's work and the potential for designing novel adhesives for medical use.

The episode is 34 minutes, and his part is featured in the first eight minutes or so, and then periodically throughout the rest of the episode.

IC Biochemistry alumnus Scott Werneke ’06 and IC Biology faculty member Brooks Miner will be part of a panel discussion on Covid-19

Brooks Miner and our alum spoke on COV-19

Honors Rapid Response Salon on Covid-19: Virology, Evolution, Biotechnology

This took place on May 22, 2020.

2020 Sigma Xi Inductees

Names of 2020 biology and biochemistry inductees, along with the description of the chapter.

Congratulations, Inductees!

The Ithaca College Paulen A. Smith chapter of Sigma Xi is for science and engineering.  In 2005, the chapter was named the Paulen A. Smith Chapter at Ithaca College in honor of Paulen Smith, Professor Emeritus of Physics, a long standing advocate for the honor society. 

Congratulations, to our newest inductees:

  • Fardin Ahmed, Biochemistry 
  • Claire Conklin, Biochemistry
  • Cory Davis, Biochemistry
  • Kate Mori, Biology
  • Jelani Williams, Biochemistry

2020 Tri-Beta Inductees

Names of 2020 biology and biochemistry inductees, along with the description of the chapter.

Congratulations, BBB Inductees 2020!

TriBeta has evolved to become a nationally recognized professional honor society whose purposes are to promote scholarship in the biological sciences, growth in biological knowledge and to encourage research.

  • Eric Choi, Biochemistry
  • George DuCasse, Biochemistry
  • Allison Fan, Biology
  • Sainabou Jallow, Biology / Math
  • Kristina Morris, Biochemistry
  • Elizabeth Ryan, Biochemistry 
  • Kendall  Wald, Biology / ENVS

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