Jack Hrkach

Professor Emeritus, Theatre Arts


In August 2000 the Department of Theatre Arts implemented a trip to the Edinburgh Festival, primarily for students who were headed to London for the fall semester. This trip has proved quite popular and is now being conducted annually. Students embark on this three-day excursion each August, and it ends just before the orientation for the fall semester at the Ithaca College London Center. A faculty sponsor/guide accompanies the students. There is a mix of organized group activity and free time to explore the city and the festival in smaller groups. Students see several shows in the Festival Fringe, take an open-top bus tour of the city, visit the Edinburgh Castle, and see a play at the main Edinburgh International Festival, from which the Fringe was born. Recently, a few students not en route to London have begun to attend the festival and fly back to Ithaca College in time for the beginning of the fall semester. Our trip in 2009 marked the 10th anniversary of this fine, experiential addition to our program and to our offerings at the London Center.