Ian Woods

Associate Professor, Biology



Fall 2021

Spring 2021

Fall 2020

Previously Taught at IC:

  • BIOL-10700 Human Genetics
  • BIOL-12100 Principles of Biology I Lab
  • BIOL 12200 Principles of Biology: Ecology and Evolution, Lecture and Labs
  • BIOL 19703 Science Fact, Science Fiction
  • BIOL-22020 Honors Seminar: Music, Math, and the Brain
  • BIOL-22700 Genetics Lab
  • BIOL 30401 Selected Topics: Genomics and Informatics: Big Data in Biology
  • BIOL-34500 Developmental Biology Lecture and Lab
  • BIOL 411/41200 Seminar
  • BIOL 41400 Professional Capstone in Biology
  • HNRS-20040 Music, Math, and the Brain

Genomics and Informatics

The main ideas of the class are to (1) learn how genome-scale and other large biological datasets are produced, analyzed, and used to generate new discoveries in biology, (2) learn computational tools based on Python scripting language, and (3) apply these tools to practical problems in several areas of biological research, including comparative genomics, computer vision, gene expression analysis, genome-wide association studies, and text mining. 

Computer programming experience is not required, but hopefully by the end of this class, students will have learned enough so that they can apply computational tools to their own research, when applicable

Description of Courses

The catalog is available here.