Leigh Ann Vaughn

Professor, Psychology


A good way to get a sense of that is to hear from the students (see below). If you're interested in chatting with Prof. Leigh Ann Vaughn about the team, please feel free to contact her, too (lvaughn@ithaca.edu).

Izzy DeVett

As a first semester member on Team 11, I feel as if I’ve been a part of these team for years. Leigh Ann makes sure to include everyone right away and an ensures that they are brought up to speed with how Team 11 works. Each new student is paired with a mentor who is a huge help in adjusting to the team. Not only is the mentor a huge help, every student in Team 11 is so welcoming and friendly that you don’t feel like a new member. Everyone gets along very well and can create a community that fosters good relationships in and outside the classroom. Team 11 is also very hands on, and students are working along side Leigh Ann with the research and are analyzing data and results, gaining valuable knowledge and experience with how being a part of a research team works. Each week, I look forward to coming to class or spending time in the team room with other members, who are always willing to help one another help. Being a part of Team 11 has enhanced my time as Psychology student at Ithaca College.

Shyanne Dunn

I have had a great first semester on Research Team 11 and enjoy the work we get to do. Being on this team there are very consistent weekly assignments, which may seem overwhelming at first, but they truly do help in understanding and synthesizing the information that we are discussing. The team is a very open group of people and it's very easy to find your place and feel like you've been there for the longest time. Leigh Ann is very thorough and always leaves room for questions and input and really cares about what we have to say about the articles we read and the work we do. Along with Leigh Ann, you also have resources with the mentor-mentee structure and among your peers in general because everyone is very willing to help each other out.

Riley Olsen

This is my second semester on research team 11 and it continues to be the best part of my week. On this team you’ll meet and collaborate with some of the best people, making life-long friendships. Not only are you guaranteed to have fun every time you enter the team room, but you also get to dive into really interesting and relevant research. Leigh Ann is a great mentor and resource, so you always have someone to go to for anything team related, or life related. If you’re looking for a welcoming and student-driven team, this is the one for you!

Jayne Konatsotis

After being on research team 11 for the past three semesters I can say that I have had an amazing time learning about concepts such as metamotivation, using SPSS, learning how to analyze data, and especially how to collaborate with other people. The people on this research team and our advisor Professor Vaughn are extremely supportive and helpful and I have never felt afraid to ask a question or ask for help from a fellow team member. I have personally grown academically, professionally, and socially over the last three semesters and I couldn’t have asked for a better research team to be a part of.

Abby Schroeder

Being on research team 11 for two semesters so far, I can say it has been a wonderful experience and I am sad that it is my last one. This team is a very accepting one and I have learned so much from Leigh Ann and my peers. I feel that my ability to interpret data and run analyses on SPSS has improved greatly. I even find myself enjoying reading research articles. I really appreciate the open discussions we have where everyone is engaged and actively learning from each other. The mentor system is also great, it has made me feel supported in this research team journey knowing I can go to fellow team members for help. Overall, it has been very rewarding working with this team and feeling like a true scientist.

Gavin Ruddy

This is my second semester on Research Team 11, and it has been wonderful working with Leigh Ann and the other members of the team. It is such a unique experience to be able to contribute to psychological research, understand how the process works, and become experts in a specific field. Team 11 is full of amazing students. Leigh Ann creates an environment where it is easy to make friends; we work together in small groups making presentations every week, where we present the results of data analyses the team conducts and explain the practical implications. Everyone has dedicated themselves to making the slideshows as exciting and entertaining as possible, and it is fun to see what they come up with for each assignment. The students are all friendly with each other, and we often spend time in the team room before class. Research Team has been so rewarding, and I am looking forward to another semester on Team 11.

Abby Kimerling

When I first found out that IC had a research team requirement, I was really excited to boost my resume and gain experience. What I did not know is that I would be doing so much more than that. Being on Leigh Ann’s research team has made me confident, prepared, and ready to take on any challenges that may come about during research. Leigh Ann’s emphasis on group work really helps the team work very well together and become more than just a research team. I used to be nervous around presenting data because I thought it would be a huge deal if I made a mistake, but on Team 11, I know that my mistake will be corrected in a kind, constructive, and thoughtful way. I never feel afraid to say what I’m thinking or take a risk. We do a lot of SPSS work, which increased my knowledge on interpreting data and relating it back to a study. This is something that I never thought I would be able to master. I’m beyond grateful to be on Team 11 and am so excited to get to have two more semesters of interesting and useful research and teamwork.

Erin Mosely

This is my first semester on research team 11 and I am absolutely loving it! Leigh Ann conducts our team in a unique way that allows us to work together as a close-knit group. Each of us are set up with mentees/mentors so we all have at least one person to reach out to if needed. The team has inspired me to expand my knowledge and skills of presenting and analyzing data and overall, being more outgoing. I have grown a lot on this team already and am very excited to continue in my upcoming semesters. Thinking about the future can be scary, but by being on this team I feel much more confident going into the world after graduating Ithaca College.

David Chun

As someone in my final semester of research team, I can confidently say that Leigh Ann's research team is an absolute pleasure to be a part of. I remember when I was a new member and how welcomed I felt during our first meeting. In this research team, we do lots of hands-on work. Because of this hands-on work, I feel that my professionalism, presentation skills, and strength in statistics has improved greatly. The environment in the research team room is incredibly friendly and we are all welcome to contribute ideas. All of our discussions are very open and judgment free. It has been a great time being on Leigh Ann's research team during my time at Ithaca College and I highly recommend it!

Harley Grossman

When I started my first semester on research team, I was feeling a combination of nerves and intimidation at the thought of having to look at real research and be able to, not only understand it, but also to present and discuss it with the rest of the team. But the initial support from my fellow team members made the transition seamless and helped me build confidence in myself that I hope to carry with me even outside of our team meetings. Each week we have in depth discussion and give fun group presentations. As someone who’s not used to working in groups, I was not excited about this element of teams, but it ended up being one of my favorites! Leigh Ann has formed such a positive environment, full of encouragement and support, and some of the most genuine fun people I’ve met at Ithaca! I’m so happy and grateful that I get to be a part of this team and I’m looking forward to seeing how we move forward in the upcoming semesters.

Vanessa Ibarra

Research team has been one of the most rewarding and collaborative environments I’ve ever been involved in. When first joining research team I was honestly a bit nervous due to being used to working independently. However, I can now confidently say that my nerves have diminished as I was welcomed into a warm environment and able to work alongside others who are extremely supportive. The research team is both extremely collaborative and helpful, so don’t ever be afraid to ask any questions! There are mentors on our team that assist with any questions and concerns, but of course, Leigh Ann is a great mentor and leader as well if the questions are still unanswered. Overall, I genuinely enjoy being a part of my team and I am excited to see how the team grows throughout the next couple of months.

Nick Guarino

This is my second semester on research team, and it’s been a lot less nerve wracking and intimidating than I thought it would be. Everyone is extremely helpful and understanding, which makes asking questions a lot easier. Our team discussions are almost always filled with laughter and there is never a boring time. During the time I’ve been on this team, I’ve already gained a lot more skills in presenting, understanding research articles, and feel a lot more comfortable in my abilities to analyze and interpret SPSS data. The experience that I’ve had with this small little family has been amazing so far and I can’t wait to see what else we will be researching.