Leigh Ann Vaughn

Professor, Psychology


A good way to get a sense of that is to hear from the students (see below). If you're interested in chatting with Prof. Leigh Ann Vaughn about the team, please feel free to contact her, too (lvaughn@ithaca.edu).

Maddie Amidon

This is my second semester on research team 11, and it has continued to be a wonderful experience! Every single team member is incredibly welcoming and friendly, providing an environment where everyone can feel comfortable to speak and participate in discussions and activities. In team we learn tons of valuable information, whether it be about giving presentations, conducting research, picking apart an empirical article, or even just hypothesizing! Leigh Ann is always there to guide us and enthusiastically answer all questions that we may have. She truly goes above and beyond to make team a wonderful environment!

Cheyenne Barrett

This is my second semester on team, and I continue to learn more every day through this class. I really enjoy the atmosphere that team has and everyone is very welcoming. I always feel welcome to share my ideas. I have already noticed that I have improved on many things while on Team 11. My critical thinking has improved, my public speaking is more fluent, and my writing ability has increased as well. I think being on team has given me a very beneficial life experience. Leigh Ann is very clear in her instructions and she makes being on team enjoyable and interactive. Social Psychology has always been very interesting to me and this group helps me learn about my interests in a constructive and positive way. This team feels very connected and safe.

Trish Burkins

Joining a team can be as daunting as it is exciting! First semester team member sometimes aren’t comfortable with speaking up and asking questions in an environment where most people are more experienced than them. But in Leigh Ann’s team, you always have her support and the support of a mentor who is already on the team! Leigh Ann encourages us to ask questions and help each other, which fosters an incredibly supportive environment. We also do a variety of studies, original and replications, so you will also learn a LOT in Team 11. Team has been my favorite class for three semesters now, and I will, without a doubt, miss it next semester. Although I won’t be on team next semester, I know my team members would be happy to have new people!

Rachael Chalachan

This is my second semester on research team eleven, and it has been such a rewarding and fun experience thus far. With the transition to online learning, it is especially nice to have this sort of class, where I can connect with peers and actively participate in the learning process. Leigh Ann and my fellow team members are such kind people, which fosters a collaborative and comfortable environment. I’ve learned a lot being a part of this team, with our weekly readings and assignments deepening my understanding of good research practices, statistical analyses, and psychological theories. In our team, everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas, problem solve, and make meaningful contributions to our research. Leigh Ann is such a knowledgeable and caring team leader, who makes sure that each member feels important and supported, which has meant a lot to me personally. Being on research team eleven has been wonderful, and I am excited to see what my remaining time on team has in store!

Chase Garvey

This is my second semester of research team and it has been fun and educational. Research team 11 has helped me improve on analyzing my writing for better word choice, helped me develop necessary skills for running analyses on SPSS and JASP, and helped me work better with others as a team. Being on this research team has been insightful as it has helped prepare me for my future and helped prepare me for grad school. 

Janak Judd

I can honestly say that research team is both a fun and great experience.  Team 11 makes learning about research a lot of fun in a friendly and interactive environment.  Team has also helped me tackle tasks that may seem too difficult or confusing and taught me several strategies to deal with this.  Everyone on Team 11 is very dedicated and helpful, including Leigh Ann Vaughn who is a great team leader who helps you learn the right ways to conduct research. 

Owen Matyi

This was my second Semester on Research Team 11. It has been a very exciting experience despite the current learning circumstances. Leigh Ann and the team continue to make an environment that is friendly and exciting to be a part of. This was a relief moving from first semester to second semester. We look at new research each week that is relevant to the topics we are discussing in team and do Statistic presentations to prepare for our research presentations in the future. I have found that Leigh Ann and Team 11 have worked together to tackle the challenges we face both in regards to the online format and in our writing assignments each week.

Emma Nance

This is my second semester of research team and after studying abroad in the spring, I was a little nervous about coming back to a different team dynamic. Turns out, there was nothing to worry about as Team 11 is incredibly welcoming and friendly. And although classes look different this year, research team has translated quite well to online instruction. Team 11 is very collaborative; we frequently work in small groups to do activities like discuss research articles, analyze statistics, and interpret our findings. This helps create a comfortable atmosphere in which everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Team has taught me a lot about the ins and outs of research as well as helped me improve on my writing and public speaking skills thanks to the support of Leigh Ann, whose teaching helps make the idea of research a lot less intimidating and more fun!

Meaghan Newkirk

This has only been my first semester on Research Team 11, but it has been thoroughly enjoyable for the time I’ve spent on it. It if course has been a little different due to everything being online this semester, but that hasn’t at all interfered with the amount of information I have already learned. When first beginning, I was incredibly afraid of speaking up or asking questions, but this team is such a safe and comfortable space there really is no need for that fear. Everyone in team is so understanding and supportive, and often times, has the same question you do! Although I plan on pursuing a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology, this team has very much helped me create a basis of everything I need to know no matter what field I decide to pursue. I’m very excited to see where we go with our research in the future and hope we can do it in person soon!

Leslie Rodriguez

Upon joining a research team as a junior at IC, I was unsure of what to expect. To my surprise, I ended up finding a group of people that I enjoy doing work with and an amazing professor that I genuinely look up to. Being part of Leigh Ann’s research team has made me learn a lot about myself and has allowed me to grow in areas that I, otherwise, would not have grown had I not been part of this research team. The work we do is always very interesting, and Leigh Ann has a great way of making sure we are all captivated by what we do and what we read. This team is heavily discussion based which makes confusing readings or difficult assignments easier to maneuver because we use each other to help us get through what is assigned. Overall, I genuinely believe that being part of this research team has made my college experience so much better and I am so thankful for being part of this amazing group. I am looking forward to seeing how this team will continue to grow.

Julia Tice

This is my first semester on research team 11 and it has already been an incredible experience. Even with classes being entirely online, I have already felt very welcomed by the group and have been able to make connections with everyone. I was nervous coming into team because I had originally thought I wouldn’t feel confident enough in myself to speak out. However, everyone on the team has been so helpful with sharing tips and giving feedback, allowing me to feel confident and capable, as well as improve in many areas. Leigh Ann is an incredible team leader who not only encourages critical thinking and teamwork but is also very understanding and willing to work with each person on the team to make sure we can all accomplish as much as possible.

Brianna Walsh

This is my last semester of research team, and although it's been more difficult during the pandemic, Leigh Ann works hard to keep the team engaged and learning. Team's been my favorite academic experience at IC. It reinforces so many of the things we've learned at our time in Ithaca as psych majors, like practicing statistics. Everything is done at an easy to manage pace, and we learn how to think like psychology researchers. Team is a learning process we go through together. On Team 11, we really emphasize on working together to make team run smoothly. Along with getting hands-on experience following research procedures, we keep up to date with what's currently changing in the field of psychology and in psychology research. Team allows you insight on and opportunities for things going on in psychology today.