Leigh Ann Vaughn

Professor, Psychology


A good way to get a sense of that is to hear from the students (see below). If you're interested in chatting with Prof. Leigh Ann Vaughn about the team, please feel free to contact her, too (lvaughn@ithaca.edu).

Maddie Amidon

This is my third semester on research team 11, and it has continued to be a wonderful experience! Every single team member is incredibly welcoming and friendly, providing an environment where everyone can feel comfortable to speak and participate in discussions and activities. In team we learn tons of valuable information, whether it be about giving presentations, conducting research, picking apart an empirical article, or even just hypothesizing! Leigh Ann is always there to guide us and enthusiastically answer all questions that we may have. She truly goes above and beyond to make team a wonderful environment!

Cheyenne Barrett

This is my third semester on team, and I continue to learn more every day through this class. I really enjoy the atmosphere that team has and everyone is very welcoming. I always feel welcome to share my ideas. I have already noticed that I have improved on many things while on Team 11. My critical thinking has improved, my public speaking is more fluent, and my writing ability has increased as well. I think being on team has given me a very beneficial life experience. Leigh Ann is very clear in her instructions and she makes being on team enjoyable and interactive. Social Psychology has always been very interesting to me and this group helps me learn about my interests in a constructive and positive way. This team feels very connected and safe.

Rachael Chalachan

As I complete my final semester of research team, I am so glad that being on team eleven was a part of my experience at Ithaca College.  Despite being online for a large portion of these three semesters, I have been able to gain so much research experience, and get to know my fellow team members, who are such kind and supportive people. Our team is very structured, and we make the most of our class time, engaging in fruitful discussions about academic papers along with our own research, and developing a greater understanding of good research practices, statistical analyses, and psychological theories. We develop our own studies, are involved in larger replication projects, and present posters at conferences, so you will have a lot of opportunities to contribute to research on team eleven. My time on team and work with Leigh Ann have been the most rewarding part of my college experience. Leigh Ann has been an incredible mentor and role model, and I admire how she makes each of her students feel valued and supported. This fosters the welcoming and supportive environment that I feel makes our team so special. I know that going forward, the skills and experience I’ve gained as a part of research team eleven will serve me well. I will definitely miss being on team next year!

Emma Feeley

This is my first semester on research team, and I have learned so much in the short amount of time that I have been a part of it. Leigh Ann and all of the other team members are inviting and kind and have made me feel like an important part of our team since my first meeting. There is a mentor system for new members that is extremely helpful and although I was nervous about joining team, having a mentor to go to who had already been on team was a great way to get acclimated and get to know a fellow team member at the same time. We use a lot of statistical analyses when doing research and the group always works together through challenges or confusion about them and Leigh Ann is always available and ready to answer questions that we have. It has overall been a great experience so far and I am looking forward to continuing working with team eleven!

Chase Garvey

This is my final semester with Team 11 and it has been one of my favorite experiences at Ithaca College. I have been able to get first hand experience at what it is like to collect data, run analyses using programs like SPSS, JASP, and Jamovi, and has helped me improve my professional writing and presentation skills. Even during the pandemic Leigh Ann has done an amazing job of creating such an amazing atmosphere where I feel like I am close knit with my other team members even though wI have never met many of them in person! Being on this team has been nothing but an amazing experience and I will miss it next semester.

Sarah Knapp

This is my first semester on Team, and it has been a spectacular experience so far. Before joining Team, I was incredibly nervous about this course. My fears were quickly wiped away because everyone was so welcoming and friendly. There is such an encouraging and supportive environment that exists on Team 11. Even though we have been online this semester there is still an amazing community that exists, and it has been a great experience to be a part of it. Leigh Ann creates such a great Team environment where we are challenged, encouraged, and supported. Within this first semester I have become more confident in my own abilities. Team has been an experience of growth and I am looking forward to all the new experiences that the future of Team holds! 

Varun Koppikar

Our research team is very focused on doing research and as a result doing good science. Curiosity is encouraged by teammates as well as Leigh Ann herself. Approaching topics that are a little more difficult to understand is made easier by working together with the team to gain a working understanding of the subject matter. Discussions are lively and interactive. Everyone on the team is warm and welcoming, and that atmosphere is fostered.

Owen Matyi

This is my third and final semester on Research Team 11. In spite of continued remote learning, we in Team 11 have continued to push forward. Leigh Ann has continued to keep myself and the team as a whole engaged with our research every day through new and exciting ways of using our online space for the better. This time in Team 11 has shown me personally how to best work in a team to overcome all forms of difficulties both related and unrelated to our research. This opportunity to work in a research team setting has taught me a bunch of valuable lessons and given me desirable experience for my future beyond college that I believe is irreplaceable. I have found that inspiration like this is something that Team 11 and Leigh Ann encourage and shows in the way every student who comes to our research team.

Emma Nance

This is my final semester on Team 11 and it has been such an enjoyable, rewarding experience and a highlight of my time at IC overall. Joining research team can be intimidating, but you have Leigh Ann’s support as well as that of a mentor who is a senior team member during your first semester. Everyone on team is incredibly welcoming, friendly, and a pleasure to work with and I’ve met some of the most kind, genuine, and helpful people. Team 11 is also very collaborative; we frequently work in small groups and help each other through activities such as discuss research articles, analyze our data, and interpret our findings. This helps create a comfortable and supportive atmosphere in which everyone’s voice is heard and valued. During my time on team, I’ve learned so much about the ins and outs of the research process as well as improved my writing and public speaking skills thanks to the feedback and guidance of Leigh Ann, whose insight and teaching helps make the idea of doing research a lot less intimidating and more fun!

Meaghan Newkirk

This is my second semester on research team 11 and I have loved every moment of it. This semester we were able to present research from last semester at the Eastern Psychological Association conference, and we are soon presenting at the Whalen Conference at Ithaca this year. Having the opportunity to present research we did ourselves with posters we created ourselves was incredible preparation for future conferences that I intend to do in undergrad, as well as at the graduate level. Over my semester and a half, I’ve been on research team I have grown more comfortable with my peers which allows an amazing team dynamic. And most of all being able to work with Leigh Ann and have her as a resource makes me incredibly lucky. With the new research we are starting, I’m so excited to see what the future of team holds!

Abby Paquet

Research team has been a wonderful experience and an incredible opportunity. This is my first semester on team. I was nervous at first, but everyone was welcoming and supportive. The environment is also very positive and fun. Leigh Ann is a great mentor and leader, and I have learned so much from being part of this team. My critical thinking and writing skills have improved, as well as my abilities to interpret statistical analyses and research findings. This experience is a great way to prepare for graduate school and future endeavors in psychology.

Leslie Rodriguez

Upon joining a research team as a junior at IC, I was unsure of what to expect. To my surprise, I ended up finding a group of people that I enjoy doing work with and an amazing professor that I genuinely look up to. Being part of Leigh Ann’s research team has made me learn a lot about myself and has allowed me to grow in areas that I, otherwise, would not have grown had I not been part of this research team. The work we do is always very interesting, and Leigh Ann has a great way of making sure we are all captivated by what we do and what we read. This team is heavily discussion based which makes confusing readings or difficult assignments easier to maneuver because we use each other to help us get through what is assigned. Overall, I genuinely believe that being part of this research team has made my college experience so much better and I am so thankful for being part of this amazing group. I am looking forward to seeing how this team will continue to grow.

Julia Tice

This is my second semester on Research Team 11 and it remains my favorite class at IC! Having the opportunity to engage in hands-on research and get experience presenting has been so beneficial. The team is made up of about 10-15 members, allowing for an intimate, relaxed atmosphere, where everyone feels comfortable asking and answering questions. Leigh Ann is an amazing professor who always shows care and enthusiasm for the team. She ensures that everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing, always gives examples, and is always willing to answer any questions and help students understand material.