Leigh Ann Vaughn

Professor, Psychology

A good way to get a sense of that is to hear from the students (see below). If you're interested in chatting with Prof. Leigh Ann Vaughn about the team, please feel free to contact her, too (lvaughn@ithaca.edu).

Gavin Ruddy

I am currently in my final semester on Research Team 11, and the past three semesters I have spent as a member have been some of the most rewarding academic experiences I have had. This course gives an opportunity to connect with other students in the Psychology department and create meaningful contributions to psychological knowledge. It is so great to be able to work closely and form friendships with the other team members. I have learned so much about what research can look like, how to interpret studies, analyze data, and present findings in a meaningful way. Everyone on Team 11 is incredibly kind, intelligent, and funny. Leigh Ann is an amazing mentor; her enthusiasm for what she studies is contagious and her guidance toward me and other senior members on team while we look into post-graduate programs has been invaluable. From my first day on Team I have felt welcomed and it has been a joy to see how we have collaborated to produce some amazing work.

Rachel Brody

Coming back to IC this fall and having research team 11 to come back to was amazing! The work we do on our team excites me daily and is constantly helping me to think deeply about how we interact in the world and our society as humans.  The assignments and discussions aren’t always easy, but the support from my peers and mentors eases any struggles and makes the more complicated conversations lighthearted. Beyond that, this team is a safe space full of incredible people all guided by a very compassionate and collaborative professor, Leigh Ann.

Allie Richter

This is my first semester on research team and it is not like any course I have been in. At first, the class was definitely a bit intimidating as I felt like there were a lot of expectations and assignments. However, none of the work we do ever feels like busy work. I find that the assignments we have and the tasks we do are all preparing me for the future as a psychologist and have helped me feel more confident as a researcher. It also is a plus that the research we run is extremely interesting and the people on this team are all amazing individuals that I am thankful to be able to grow valuable connections with.

Shyanne Dunn

This semester was my final one on Research Team 11, and I am very happy with the work that I have been able to do. We complete very hands-on work with data and results that cultivates a very close dynamic between all of us and encourages us to work together in a variety of different ways and combinations. Being on this team there are very consistent weekly assignments, which may seem overwhelming at first, but they truly do help in understanding and synthesizing the information that we are discussing. Leigh Ann is always looking for our input and really cares about what we have to say about the articles we read and the work we do. 

Erin Mosely

This is my second semester on research team 11 and I absolutely love it! Leigh Ann conducts our team in a unique way that allows us to work together as a close nit group. Each of us are set up with mentees/mentors so we all have at least one person to reach out to if needed. The team has inspired me to expand my knowledge and skills of presenting and analyzing data, and to overall be more outgoing. I have grown a lot on this team already and will continue to do so in this welcoming environment. Thinking about the future can be scary, but by being on this team, I feel much more confident going into the world after graduating Ithaca College. 

Kaci Edwards

As a first-time member of a research team, I can say I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who enjoys psychology. When I joined I only knew one person but quickly became friends with the other team members; It is a safe, welcoming, and positive environment. There are weekly assignments but they are generally quick and are actually very fun to do. In our assignments, we can be creative and have fun, all while still being professional. This is also a great way to get very familiar with the data that we analyze, both in reading the articles and the production and presentation of the Stat Mages. Leigh Ann gives lots of feedback and is always willing to meet with anyone outside of class time. Being on team has been a wonderful experience.

Emma Lilley

My time on Research Team 11 has been an amazing experience! Team has given me the confidence and ability to present in front of large groups, analyze and explain data, and collaborate with many different people. The regular, weekly assignments make the class consistent and easy to keep up with and will really help you understand how to properly analyze data. Team 11 is composed of an amazing group of people who want to see you succeed. Leigh Ann is an enthusiastic, empathetic, and fun team leader who encourages you to always do your best and is always willing to lend a helping hand. I’ve learned so much during these past few months on Team 11 from both Leigh Ann and my peers. I wouldn’t trade my time on this team for anything and I'm really going to miss it!

Delaney Filbert

Being on Research Team 11 has been a really positive experience. Every member makes you feel supported, and the atmosphere is super easygoing. The way Leigh Ann runs our meetings makes looking at and analyzing data easy, fun and interesting, and I always feel supported when I need help. I feel as though I’m gaining better analytical skills and skills that will help me feel more confident communicating in a professional setting. Working closely with other people has gotten me out of my comfort zone a ton and I’m so happy I get to do it with the members of Research Team 11!

Grace Lill

This is my second semester being on Research Team 11, and it has only reinforced my feelings that I had last semester. It’s impossible not to feel supported and encouraged on Leigh Ann’s team. Because we do so much collaborative work with our team members, this kind of environment makes it an enjoyable and valuable experience. There is a structure for everything we do, whether that be data analysis, running SPSS, presentations, preparatory assignments, or writing abstracts. You gain skills that not only help you as a psychology student, but also as a person in the real world. The friendships you develop in team make everything so much fun, and it guarantees that something we do is going to be making you laugh and smile. I can’t recommend this team enough!

Dai Finn

Research team 11 has been one of my favorite parts of my entire college career. I am on my second semester of team and it has continued to exceed my expectations and has been so fun. The people on this team are so kind, helpful and caring. They are very helpful if I ever have any problems with assignments, or just someone to rant to or ask any questions I have. Team has expanded my friend group by giving me opportunity to make friends that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. The workload is consistent and predictable meaning that we can easily keep track of assignments and it doesn’t usually feel overwhelming. Class time helps us improve so many skills, like public speaking, how to read and understand psychological research, and having judgment-free conversations about any questions we might have. This team builds each other up and Leigh Ann has created a positive environment where we can be comfortable and open. I have learned so much on this team that I will take with me forever.

Abby Kimerling

Research Team is a special part of Ithaca College’s psychology major which prepares you for the real psychology world. Before entering Team 11, I only had some idea that I would be learning a lot, but I never thought I would gain this much experience. Through two semesters on Leigh Ann’s team, I have presentation skills, mastered my SPSS knowledge, and learned how to collaborate with a team. Leigh Ann creates a kind and understanding environment to explore different psychology skills and will challenge you in a positive constructive way. Not only will Leigh Ann offer support during team, but she has been so helpful and giving me guidance for my post-graduate life out of team. Team 11 has been the best choice for me because of the interesting content, fun spirit, and amazing group of students/wonderful instructor.

Harley Grossman

As a third semester member on Team 11, I am consistently so grateful that I chose this team. Everyone is so friendly and fun to be around and work with. It’s such a warm environment and it’s easily become my favorite class. We have routine weekly assignments that definitely seem a little intimidating at first, but quickly become routine. The assignments help build skills analyzing research papers and presenting research in a safe environment where it's ok to make mistakes. I can confidently say that I have learned so much from this team, I have made genuine friends, I have gained experience that will be valuable for years to come. I am so grateful to Leigh Ann for always being a supportive and encouraging presence who has made Team 11 into its own little family.

Camden Kelley

I have been on research Team 11 for two semesters now and it has continued to be a really good experience. The environment is welcoming, everyone is very kind and supportive, and we all want each other to succeed. It’s really nice getting to work with other people who clearly want to work hard at what they are doing. Also, working in a smaller group really allows you to get to know everyone over the course of the semester and form strong bonds. In addition, the workload is very consistent every week. You can expect to read a research article and complete a summary task and abstract, as well as complete a group presentation project each week. At the end of the semester, you get to create posters based on the research you have been analyzing since the beginning of the year, which will end up being presented at professional conferences. This semester we have been able to run in-person research studies, which has been fun—it’s exciting to get participants for studies!