Michael Smith

Professor, History
School: School of Humanities and Sciences

Spring 2021 Courses

ENVS 119--Intro to Environmental Humanities

HIST 272--History of the Future

Other Courses Taught (next semester offered in parentheses)

HIST/ENVS 270--History of American Environmental Thought (2021-22)

HIST 271--Global Environmental History (2021-22)

ENVS 360--Technology and It Discontents

HIST 583--Graduate Seminar in U.S. History

HIST 483--Seminar: Energy and U.S. History

HIST 112--U.S. History since 1865 (Summer 2021)

ICSM 105--Ithaca Seminar: Climates Changing

HIST 481--Seminar: History and Global Environmental Change

The Making of Modern America, 1865-1914

U.S. History to 1865