Michael Smith

Professor, History
School: School of Humanities and Sciences

The Humanities at IC

What are the humanities?  As the word suggests, humanistic disciplines study and reflect on what it means and has meant to be human, throughout history and across the globe.  In the humanistic disciplines we create and study the various artifacts that express human values and ideas, from literature, the visual arts, and music, to philosophy and religion, to history and theater.  As the very meaning of what it means to be human evolves rapidly in the early 21st century, studying the humanities becomes all the more important.

At Ithaca College all students join this project of exploring the breadth of the human experience through at least one of their ICC core courses, and many others by by majoring in, minoring in, developing a humanities-based Comprehensive Liberal Arts suite of courses, or simply by taking elective courses in departments and programs such as Art, Art History, Classical Studies, Communication Studies, English, History, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Religion, Theater, and Writing {links}.

Meet Ithaca College Humanities Majors

Andreas Jonathan, Architectural Studies

Alden Hall, Art History

Kayley Mrowka, Communication Studies & Spanish

And see how studying the humanities was a transformational experience for Julia Becker (English, Class of 2013):

The Humanities Matter!

Why do the Humanities matter?  Check out this infographic from 4Humanities.org.

Humanities at the London Center

Explore the humanities in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world through a semester in the Ithaca College London Program.

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