Kit Muma

Retired Instructor, Biology


Publications and Presentations

Panel discussion: “ Namgyal Monastery Mind and Life Discussion Series II: Views of Attention and Memory in Buddhism and Western Neuroscience”. Tompkins County Public Library. Ithaca, New York.Moderator: Deana Bodnar.  Bruce Johnson, PhD: Senior Research Associate, Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University, Kit Muma, MSc: Instructor, Biology Department, Ithaca College, Charles Goodman, PhD: Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, Binghamton University  April 27 and May 18 2013.

Kit Muma and Bruce Smith. June 24th 2012. Poster Presentation: "Tick Talk" at the Queen's University Biological Station, Chaffey's Lock, Canada.  I talked to visitors including local cottagers about the species of ticks becoming more common in the QUBS area.  We discussed the risks of Lyme Disease and correct removal techniques for dealing with ticks.

Kit Muma.  October 2011. Panel discussion: “ Namgyal Monastery Mind and Life Discussion Series I: Views of Phenomenal Awareness and Consciousness in Buddhism and Western Neuroscience”. Tompkins County Public Library. Ithaca, New York.

Participants viewed segments of presentations together along with a panel of neuroscientists and a scholar of Buddhist philosophy from local universities.  Participants had the opportunity to ask questions to clarify their understanding on topics covered in the Mind and Life talks as well as gained related information from other resources. The spirit of these sessions was intended to deepen learning, understanding, and dialogue on these topics rather than foment debate or critiques of different views.

Kit Muma. July 5th 2009. Poster Presentation: "Fireflies: You Light up My Life" at the Queen's University Biological Station, Chaffey's Lock, Canada.  I met with and encouraged cottagers to get involved in the "Firefly Watch" survey to document if firefly numbers are declining.

Ratcliffe, J.M., A.R. Soutar, K.E. Muma, C. Guignion and J.H. Fullard. 2008. Anti-bat flight activity in sound-producing versus silent moths. Can. J. Zool. 86:582-587.

Patrick J. Weatherhead, Katherine E. Muma, J. Dylan Maddox, Jenny M. Knox, and Kevin W. Dufour. 2007. “Morphology versus molecules: sexing Red-winged Blackbird Nestlings.” J Field Ornithol. 78(4):428-435. View the PDF of the abstract here.

Smith, B.P. and K.E. Muma. 2006. Oral Presentation: Biodiversity and Conservation: sabbatical travels in the South Pacific.  Queen's University Biological Station Seminar Series. Wed. July 19th

Forbes, M.R.L., K.E. Muma, B.P. Smith. 2004. Recapture of male and female dragonflies in relation to parasitism by mites, time of season, wing length and wing cell symmetry. Exp. and Applied Acarology. 34: 79-93. Also reprinted in book form (same page numbers): Aquatic Mites: From Genes to Communities, edited by J.C. Proctor. Kluwer Academic Publishing, The Netherlands.

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(also presented at the Odonate Ecology and Evolution Symposium. Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. September 2004)

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