self portrait

Rebecca Brady

Assistant Professor, Biology
Phone: 607-274-3584
Office: 157 Center for Natural Sciences
Specialty: Cell Biology, Developmental Biology
Office Hours/Weekly Reviews: Spring 2024

Tues and Wed 12:30-1:30pm
Biology Learning Center CNS 213A. NO appointment needed.
E-mail me for other times.


Spring 2024

  • BIOL -11900 Fundamentals of Biology lecture and labs

Fall 2024

  • BIOL-22700 Genetics lecture and labs 

Previously Taught

  • BIOL-10700 Human Genetics (summer)

  • BIOL -11900 Fundamentals of Biology labs

  • HNRS-20048 Honors Seminar - Paradigm Shift: The History and Philosophy of Science


Description of Courses: The catalog is available here.