Affinity Giving

Many alumni and supporters choose to make a particular aspect of the IC experience, such as athletics or extracurricular programs, their philanthropic priority when making a gift to the college.

LGBT Resource Center


For alumnus and trustee Jack Dembow ’77, one of the most meaningful aspects of his IC student experience was the inclusive community that embraced him as a gay man. “I can still recall the anxiety I felt when I arrived on campus in the fall of 1973, not knowing a soul and wondering how, or if, I would fit in,” Jack shares. “In short order, I found my place, made new friends, and eventually I did find some ‘people like me’—all of which contributed to a wonderful IC experience.”

Today, Jack regularly makes gifts in support of IC’s Center for LGBT Education, Outreach, and Services. “The LGBT resource center can act as a welcoming ‘connector’ or conduit to a healthy college experience—particularly for students who may be struggling with their identities and wondering if, and where, they fit in,” Jack says.

The center fosters the academic success and personal growth of LGBTQ students and offers services to enhance the campus community’s understanding and appreciation of LGBTQ people and themes. “My support, and the support of others, is essential for the continued development and continuation of programming, which supports all IC students—not just those who identify as LGBTQ— and their allies. The more I can do to help defray these expenses, the more programming the center can offer.”

"Looking back, my Ithaca College experience, coursework, and the contacts and friends I made all contributed to what would become a very successful career as a hospital administrator. Now retired, I’ve reflected on my good fortune and the role IC played in my life, which was considerable.”


Park Scholar Program


Each year, the Park Scholar Program awards scholarships to incoming students who aspire to be part of a dynamic learning community and conscientious communications professionals. The scholarships cover the full cost of attendance, including tuition, living expenses, and a books and technology stipend. Through a mixture of academic and service programming, scholars take action and give back to their communities.

“The scholarship was a tremendous blessing to me and my family,” says Mike Nagel ’04. “I was given a world-class education, access to mentors, and opportunities to expand my horizons through internships and study abroad experiences—all for free.” 

Developing an understanding of the power of philanthropy through service projects is a crucial component of the Park Scholar Program, and Nagel notes that scholars are not the only IC community members who benefit from philanthropic support. “Whether or not you’ve been awarded a scholarship, all alumni and students benefit from philanthropy,” Nagel reflects. “Giving makes the Ithaca College experience possible—the faculty, facilities, programs, off-campus experiences, and on-campus clubs all benefit from generations of donor support. How could I not give back to the college that has given me so much?”

“Together, all of IC’s supporters can continue to keep our college an exceptional place to learn, grow, and make a difference for students today and 100 years from now.”