Between You & Me

2018-2019 season.

Letter from the Director, Spring 2019

Continuing our year-long exploration of the theme, Between You & Me, our exhibitions during the Spring 2019 semester explore the translation of potent ideas into speaking objects. Exhibitions and programming will ask questions of visitors, requesting and making space for participation in the process of creative inquiry and discovery.

PROCESS, curated by Dr. Jeffreen Hayes, is an exhibition sharing the artistic processes of seven artists, revealing the relationship between creative process, personal experience, and artistic voice. What transformation takes place when an artist manifests a complex idea into a physical result? How can viewer interpretation and perspective flex or expand the intent of the artist and meaning of a work?

Following Spring Break the gallery will host tandem exhibitions each exploring the evolving meaning of objects as they change hands. Get Real, curated by Professor Risham Majeed and students from her Fall 2018 Exhibition Seminar, presents African works from private and institutional collections and examines issues of authenticity and essence. What does it mean for an object to be real? Aram Han Sifuentes’ exhibition, Protest Banner Lending Library, will transform the gallery into a space where gallery-goers can make and borrow protest banners during their visit, collectively constructing an archive of community concern. As the banners are created, displayed, borrowed, used in protest, and returned, how does their meaning transform?

The final exhibition of the year, Between You and Me, will showcase the work of graduating students from Ithaca College. This annual display of student classroom practice and independent labor constructs a window into the undergraduate development of personal style, artistic discipline, and creative voice.  

The gallery is excited to announce that Fall 2018 visiting artist Nanibah Chacon will return to campus twice more this Spring to share mural proposals developed after soliciting feedback from community members. These drawings will be included in our first exhibition, Process. Visitors are encouraged to weigh in on this community process of consideration to help make a decision for which should be executed on campus during the artist’s final visit back to campus in April. Chacon’s process perfectly exemplifies and shares the creative process of putting an idea into action, and continues to be thrilling to watch unfold.

Mara Baldwin
Director, Handwerker Gallery