Mouth Covered, Eyes Open

April 28 – May 17, 2022

Featuring Thesis projects by Dmitry Boardman, Sara Dolnick, Guinevere Fullerton, & Kathryn Ann Tomasello

curated by Cyerra Adams ‘22

About the Exhibition

Michael Angel  |  Chloe Barczak  |  Julia Bertussi  |  Dmitry Boardman 

Fatima David  |  Adam Dee  |  Taylor DeMarco  |  Sara Dolnick

Guinevere Fullerton  |  Jaelyn Hershberger  |  Connor Jones

Quinn Karlok  |  Eden Niefer  |  Leizbel Perdomo  |  Lauren Reid

Noah Stroka  |  Maggie Sullivan  |  Kellie Swensen  |  Adam Thacker

Christopher Thies  |  Kathryn Tomasello  |  Nell Sinclair Walker

As seniors, we’ve been planning for our transition into the real world for four years now, some of us longer. We’ve been planning, learning, and getting all our ducks in a row with the promise of success after graduation. But that very promise that our lives have been built upon for the last four years seems to have faded from view. What will we do in the face of uncertainty? To this question, I say: we will create, as we always have. We will use our art to dissect and digest what has happened to us and move forward. No matter what may or may not be there waiting for us. For years, artists have used their work to speak directly to the public on issues they stand firmly on; artists create work about the world around them that gives us culture and keeps us on our toes. They make us question why things are the way they are, and once they get even one person to think differently, they become an activist. Artists give us a new lens to view life with, and I hope that you will peer through the lenses we’ve collected here in the gallery.

Mouth Covered, Eyes Open is an exhibition of artwork, photography, and experimental media from senior students graduating in May or December of 2022. 

Note: The gallery will have amended hours of operation May 9-17 (12-4pm daily). Show will be deinstalled on May 18, 2022.

Special Events

Curatorial Tour:  with Cyerra Adams ‘22, Thursday, April 28, 4 p.m.

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 28, 2022, 5-7 p.m.

BFA Artist Talk: with artists Dmitry Boardman, Sara Dolnick, Guinevere Fullerton, & Kathryn Ann Tomasello, moderated by curator Cyerra Adams, Tuesday, May 3, 6 p.m.