A closer look: BFA Artists Emma Gregory and Peter Tristram Walz

Handwerker Gallery solutes Emma Gregory (Utica NY) on her installation Queer in the Mundane [detail pictured above] which includes dozens of portraits of queer an non-binary classmates from Ithaca College.  Each oil on canvas work is carefully crafted, and in the detail above - a spectrum of color and individuals are featured in a grid-based work that is part of a larger painting installation.  In other works, Gregory shows close-up portraits of peers, also executed using a decidedly limited monochrome palette resulting in a vivd spectral picture of Ithaca College life.   

The Handwerker also recognizes graduating senior Peter Tristram Walz (Ithaca NY), on his sculptural installations.  His multi-media works ask questions about looking and watching through works that incorporate the lens as both medium and metaphor.  Walz' X Coclopae myopic, iteration 1  turns its gaze toward the gallery goers and the works in the exhibition alike in this humorous multi-figure installation.