A Rewarding Path

If you are looking for a rewarding and creative career path, the aging studies major can help you get there. 

The number of older Americans is unprecedented. The future will be in the hands of those who study aging. With a degree in aging studies you'll be especially prepared for the jobs created to serve this population -- jobs providing housing, transportation, health care, recreation, and more. Or you might become an educator or researcher studying sociology or psychology relating to older adults. You might consult with businesses to design products or develop services that benefit older adults. And the relative newness of the field means that starting your own business or coming up with an innovative idea are distinct possibilities.

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The Gerontology Institute -- Providing Students Unique Opportunities

The aging studies program is administered through the Gerontology Institute, which has been established for years and has a national and international reputation of excellence. The Institute's partnership with Longview, an adult residential facility located very near the College, provides a unique learning experience for our students. This partnership features intergenerational programming which allows older adults to take classes on our campus and also encourages our students to become involved in activities at Longview.

To learn more about the Gerontology Institute and our Longview partnership, visit Gerontology at Ithaca.

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