Internal Career Changes

Ithaca College encourages promotion or transfer from within as a means of offering development and challenge to qualified and competent staff employees. There are advantages both to the College, in reduced turnover, and to the employee, in increased job satisfaction.

When appropriate, supervisors should explore readiness and opportunities for promotion as part of the annual performance evaluation. The Tuition Remission program and staff development opportunities at the College offer employees a chance to obtain the necessary education, skill or training to make them more eligible for promotion. The supervisor should also encourage interested employees to contact a member of the Recruitment & Employment staff, who will discuss positions currently available or future prospects and when appropriate, will work with the individual employee to give advice and guidance. Employees may also borrow reading materials from a collection maintained by the Office of Human Resources.

Employees interested in a transfer or promotion will be asked to apply online at In considering an employee for promotion, the individual's depth of knowledge, experience, training, competencies, attendance record, and past performance are some of the factors considered.

Employees must arrange interviews at a time that is agreeable with their current supervisor, and supervisors may require employees to make up any lost time. Employees are expected to be in a job at least one year before applying for transfer or promotion. A supervisor may waive this requirement in an exceptional circumstance after discussion with the director of Recruitment & Employment.

When selected for transfer or promotion, an employee is expected to give the appropriate notice to the employee's current supervisor. By mutual agreement, supervisors may arrange for a shorter or longer period of time before the transfer or promotion becomes effective.

An employee who accepts a promotion or transfer will begin a six-month probationary period on the first day in the new position. All Paid Time Away (PTA) benefits will transfer with the employee to the new department and the new rate of pay will be established according to compensation procedures.