Federal Work Study Questions:

What is the difference between having a Federal Work Study Award and just having a job on campus?

At Ithaca College, we don’t differentiate between students who are awarded a federal work study (FWS) as part of their financial aid package and students who are not awarded a FWS. Jobs on campus are competitive and are open to all students to apply, regardless of their financial aid package. Whether a student has a FWS award or not, they are paid exactly the same way for the hours they work; in the form of a bi-weekly pay check for them to use as they choose.

The main difference is the money students with FWS earn is subsidized by the Federal Government whereas the money Non FWS students earn is paid for by Ithaca College.

I was awarded Federal Work Study as part of my financial aid package, how do I receive that money?

Being awarded Federal Work Study is not a guarantee of money or employmentYou will need to independently secure a job on campus. To view the current list of available jobs on campus please visit our Jobs Database. If after you apply for a position, and you are offered a job, then you will be eligible to receive money for hours worked. The money you earn will be directly paid to you via a pay check or by direct deposit into your personal bank account. The money you receive does not get directly applied to your tuition bill.

If I have a Federal Work Study Award, is that the maximum amount of money I can earn working on campus?

No, our students are not limited to earning only the amount of their federal work study award. Students can work up to 20 hours a week at a minimum wage of at least $11.10/hour during each semester. If students work and earn more than their federal work study award amount, Ithaca College subsidizes the remainder of the money earned.

If I decline my Federal Work Study award, can I still work on campus?

Yes, all IC students are eligible for campus employment by searching our Jobs Database and applying for available positions.

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