The Architecture of Student Employment at IC

Define and develop the nature of student work at IC, to guide student employees throughout their entire student employment journey at IC, and for use in performance, goal, and promotional planning.
1) Define the Job

Before you begin the recruitment/requisition process, define the job for which you are hiring. Informative job descriptions help student employees and student supervisors develop clear expectations and goals for the work relationship. 

Build Informative Job Descriptions:

When drafting the student employee's job description consider the following in advance of your search: 

Job Description: What is the standard description of the job?

Duties/Responsibilities: What are some day-to-day responsibilities of this position?

Desired Skills/Qualifications: What skills do you expect candidates to bring to the table?

Learning Targets: What learning opportunities does the position afford?

Instructions to Applicants: What application materials should candidates provide? (Example: resume/cover letter, portfolio, etc)

Check out the link below for helpful information on job series, job levels and salaries for student employees.

2) Launch the Recruitment Process

Once you have defined the job for which you are recruiting, you are ready to begin the student employment requisition process! See the link for the complete process overview -- from requisition creation to onboarding. 

See here for an Interactive Sway on Creating the Student Requisition! (Please note, minor changes have been made to the user display and functionality in the Recruitment Cloud. Effective November 2021, all student requisitions will filter to only show fields applicable to student recruitment. Documentation in Team Dynamix has been updated accordingly.)