All users must agree to the terms of use of the Ithaca College survey tool as part of the account creation process. Violation of these terms can result in revocation of permission to use the service and/or judicial action.

1.   Qualtrics, the online survey tool, is to be used for surveys done in the course of your Ithaca College service.

2.   Those respondents wishing to opt out of a survey must be removed from a panel before any other email reminders are sent.

3.   The survey research must comply with all applicable Ithaca College policies and state and federal law including but not limited to the following Ithaca College policies:

a.   Ithaca College Policy Manual section 2.10: Technology Use Policies

b.   Ithaca College Policy Manual section 7.1.1: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

c.   Ithaca College Policy Manual section 2.21: All College Review Board for Human Subjects Research and information from the Institutional Review Board website