Please note

Only faculty and staff members can request email lists.  Students seeking email lists should speak to their supervising faculty member.

Student email addresses

Requests should be submitted using the online report request form available on the Office of the Registrar’s website. Please use the fields on the form as directed to specify the specific student population of interest (for example, undergraduates, full-time, etc.), the type of information needed on each student, as well as the intended use of the information. The Registrar’s Office may or may not be able to comply, depending on the nature of the information requested and your intended use.

Student email addresses for survey research assignment for students within a course

If the request for student email addresses is for a survey research assignment for students within a course, the faculty member teaching the course should complete the Analytics and Institutional Research online information request form early in the semester.  See this page to request a Qualtrics or other survey or form tool account.

Faculty or staff email addresses

Faculty and staff email addresses are not available for survey research unless it involves college assessment and planning. If you have questions or need further information, please contact Analytics and Institutional Research (

Alumni email addresses

You can request a list of alumni email addresses by emailing  Philanthropy and Engagement staff will work with the requestor to complete the request. Please note that data requests may take up to three weeks to complete. Only faculty and staff are eligible to receive alumni information; students should have their faculty/staff sponsor submit the request.