Survey research can be a daunting process, but the Office of Analytics and Institutional Research is here to help! As a first step, we have a document containing a brief overview of many of the “best practices” for survey research. That document can be accessed here.

At Ithaca College, online survey research should be conducted using Qualtrics, an online survey tool licensed by the college for use by faculty, staff, and students. Prior to undertaking a survey research project, we encourage you to visit the Qualtrics Support website, which has a number of brief articles on survey design, administering surveys, and analyzing data. For more information, see Learning to Use Qualtrics.

The Qualtrics Support website is an excellent starting point for learning how to design a survey using the online platform. Although we urge you to use it as your primary resource for Qualtrics-related learning, the website does not cover all use cases. If you are seeking more information, please see our Learning to Use Qualtrics and FAQ pages. AIR staff (IRoffice@ithaca.edu, 607-274-3164) are available for general assistance with survey research.