Community Kitchen

By Patrick Bohn ’05, November 24, 2020
Local business owner helps those less fortunate

As the economic toll of the coronavirus pandemic became more apparent last March, Gregar Brous ’81, co-owner of Collegetown Bagels, turned his eatery into a “pay-whatyou-can” community kitchen, offering bread and other food to community members facing financial difficulties.

“It became clear that people were going to be laid off, and that, as a result, there would be a growing number of people in our community who needed help,” he said. “I knew we needed to provide that help.”

Brous also launched two other initiatives, one where people could buy coffee and food to be delivered to first responders such as nurses in hospitals, and the other was a delivery service of pantry items like butter, flour, and eggs.

“My mission has changed,” Brous continued. “Instead of trying to sell things, I’m trying to see what people need. The community connection that IC encourages, it’s affected me, and it’s part of the values I try to live up to every day. We believe in our community. They’re our friends, who we’ve been serving for 40 years, and at their time of greatest need, we’re going to help them.”

Coming Together as a Community

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I Remember When

couple holding hands

Rob Gates '85 and Paula McBride '86 have been married 33 years.


I met my wife on her first day at IC. We dated for the next three years until, during the Homecoming football game, I hired a plane to tow a banner that said, “Paula Jo Marry Me” over the field. They stopped the game, the band played “Here Comes the Bride,” and she said “YES!” We are now on our 33rd year of marriage and still huge Bomber fans! Our daughter went to IC for her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as did her husband. We love IC!”

— Rob Gates ’85, husband of Paula McBride Gates ’86