Personalized Training and Exploration with Ed Tech

From workshops and webinars to 1:1 training and consultations, we encourage you to partner with the CIE team to explore how your classroom instruction can be supported and enhanced through educational technology tools.

Additional Support Available

Personal Consultations

Faculty are invited to schedule a time to meet with one of our experts to explore tools and strategies you can immediately apply to your teaching to support a diverse learning environment.

Schedule a classroom technology training

Group Webinars

Throughout each semester, we will host virtual webinars presented by leading educational organizations and software providers. Please join us for an opportunity to share, discuss, and learn from each other about specific topics related to learning, teaching, innovation, and research with technology.  Visit the IC Engage website to explore our list of events. 

Exploration and Discovery

The Educational Technology Center located in Job Hall is open for faculty exploration and training! Schedule a consultation with the Educational Technology Center Coordinator to discover how we can support your instruction using AR/VR, digital media, podcasting, prototyping, 3D design and printing, and more. Visit the Educational Technology Center webpage to learn more.