IC Innovation Corridor

Located on the first floor of Friends and Job Halls, explore some of the learning spaces we have at Ithaca College with unique software, moveable furniture, and collaborative workspaces. For assistance with learning how to use the software and tools in these classrooms, please reach out to L&IT staff. 

Innovative Classroom Spaces

eSports Room
Located in Friends 101 the eSports room has multiple gaming stations available for student use and a competitive Club esports team
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Flexible Learning Lab
Located in Friends 110c, this recently renovated room can be configured to meet the learning needs of students.
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IC Makerspace
The IC Makerspace is a collaborative workspace located in Friends 102
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Center for Creative Technology
The Center for Creative Technology supports the IC Makerspace, Digital Story Lab, and IC Immersive initative
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Digital Story Lab
Located in Job 102, users can learn how to communicate ideas through graphic design, video, and podcasting.
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IC Immersive
Located in Job 102 and 103, the IC Immersive has studio space to explore the use of virtual reality for teaching and learning.
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