Changing Things Up? Update Your Student Information with Ithaca College Today!

By Kate Miller, January 3, 2022

Do you need to update the following?

  • Address
    • Permanent
    • Local
    • Mailing
    • Parent/Support
    • Billing
  • Emergency Contact
    • Primary
    • Alternate
    • Other
  • Other:
    • Gender
    • Phone Number
    • Religious/Spiritual Preference
    • Marital Preference

Then do we have the form for you!

Fun Fact!  Want to check to see if you need to update any information?  Go to and select Homer.  When you're in Homer, select "My Personal Information" on your profile page.

Image of the Registrar website with the forms tab highlighted

First, navigate to the Office of the Registrar website.

Next, select the "Forms" option from the navigation panel on the left side of the website.

Finally, select "Student Forms" from the two options presented.

Fun Fact! You can also go straight to and select IC Workflow.

Shortened list of student forms with the Update HomerConnect Profile Information option highlighted

Now, select the "Update HomerConnect Profile Information" form option.  This will take you to IC Workflow.

Image of IC Workflow with the word "Update" searched for in the Available Forms

Enter "Update" in the search feature in IC Workflow and select the "Update HomerConnect Profile Information" form.

Image of starting page of the Update HomerConnect Profile Information form

Select any and all areas you need to update.  The form will provide you the opportunity to make all updates at once without having to submit multiple forms.

Have questions?  Contact the Office of the Registrar: