JED: Call for Stop & Breathe Finals program submissions

By Cathy Michael, April 14, 2024

Stop & Breathe is scheduled for April 30th to May 7th

The JED Campus Initiative- Mental Health & Awareness Events subcommittee is now calling for submissions for its Stop & Breathe Week campaign before finals. The aim of the Stop & Breathe Week is to highlight the amazing self-care events across campus that are happening during midterms and the end of the semester, some very high stress times for students.

We would be thrilled if you would submit any of your events(MS Word) that we can feature. In the past, we have highlighted a variety of events including meditation, fitness, craft making, theatre, music, and bingo. If your event is added to Engage, consider posting the following text:

"This event is listed as part of the JED Campus Stop and Breathe week, attendees will be eligible to participate in the Stop and Breathe raffle. For more events please visit the JED webpage here:"

You can also add JED Campus Task Force as a co-sponsor.

We are asking all events to be submitted by April 16th to assist with marketing.

Take some time to Stop & Breathe

Stop and Breathe Week

Nest & Rest!

For Finals we would like to try implementing a Stop & Breathe raffle to further incentivize the event attendance and promote well-being. We will be asking sponsoring organizations/offices to please provide attendance information for anyone that wants to enter a raffle. Here is a sample attendance sheet (but you can make your own). For every event someone attends, they will earn a chance to win a self-care item (for anyone that attends more than 3 events they will earn 10 bonus entries). We’ll also monitor responses to posts to the SACL Instagram account for additional chances to win!