To be considered for HEOP at Ithaca College an applicant must be a resident of the State of New York one year preceding his/her first term of entry and be a first-time college student who meets the following academic criteria:


  • Possess a high school diploma or the equivalent GED
  • Apply to Ithaca College through the Office of Admission and supply all documentation required to complete the application

Your academic eligibility for the degree program indicated on your application will be reviewed.  Ithaca College does not have minimum or maximum SAT or GPA requirements, and HEOP applicants may apply test optional.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the applicant to bring ALL current or previously completed college-level coursework to the attention of an Ithaca College Admission counselor or HEOP staff, during the application process.


Family's household income must not exceed the economic guidelines (see document below) set forth by the State Education Department for the calendar year prior to attending college; or

  • Must be a recipient or dependent of an individual(s) receiving 1) aid to dependent children; 2) home relief; 3) family day care payments through a New York State or County department of social services; or
  • Student lives with foster parents who do not provide economic support for college; or
  • Student is a Ward of the Court

Please note Financial Aid Deadlines.

NY State HEOP Economic Guidelines

Transfer Students

Transfer students to Ithaca College interested in HEOP must have been part of HEOP, EOP, SEEK, or CD at the institution in which they first matriculated.  Students should indicate their interest and eligibility on the Common Application; program verification will be required.  Admission for transfer students into HEOP is limited and based upon availability.

file-outline Transfer Verification Form - 2024-transfer-verification.pdf (663.14 KB)