APC Curriculum Subcommittee

The Curriculum Subcommittee is responsible for reviewing all curricular revisions including changes in current programs, submission of new programs, revisions of existing courses, and submission of new courses.

COURSELEAF AND OTHER Curriculum Proposal Links

CourseLeaf Console for viewing proposals and creating reports/agendas


Deadlines for curriculum proposals to be submitted to APC-C for meeting review:

  • All new/revised courses, new/revised programs, expedited proposals, exempt proposals, supporting documentation/memos, and miscellaneous information MUST be received the Tuesday before the agenda is posted. Agendas are posted a week before the scheduled meeting.  Failure to do so may result in a delay in the review process. Please see the deadline details below for inclusion in the Fall 2023 catalog. 

Deadlines for revisions to be submitted to APC-C for inclusion in the Fall 2023 catalog:

  • For program revisions requiring NYSED submission, complete program revision proposal packages must be submitted from the Schools by October 31.
  • For all other programs, complete program revision proposal packages must be submitted from the Schools preferably by January 25, and no later than February 10.
  • Requests for extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Associate Dean rep to APC should be in touch with the Associate Provost and APC-C Chair as soon as it becomes clear that an extension is needed, so an acceptable submission date can be determined.

NOTE: Programs requiring NYSED submission may be placed on an APC-C agenda and reviewed before other programs, even if the packages are received by APC-C in a different order.

Due to the volume of curriculum submissions expected this year, it will help APC-C manage its workload if school curriculum committees submit complete packages to APC-C as early in the fall semester as possible.

Proposals are due the Tuesday before the agenda is posted. Agendas are posted a week before the scheduled meeting.


Guide to Using CIM System
Provided by the office of the registrar

FAQ for Curriculum Processes
AKA "everything you needed to know about curriculum proposals in CIM..." - it includes tips on using CIM, information on creating course proposals for new, revised, and experimental-turning-to-permanent courses, revising programs, and using course attributes. 

How To ... Guide for Proposers Preparing New, Experimental, and Revised COURSE Proposals 
The focus of this guide is how to make sure your proposal is addressing the kinds of questions asked by the school curriculum committee and APC in their review of course proposals, including course titles, course numbers, course SLOs, the rationale, and more.

How To ... Step-By-Step Guide for Proposers Preparing New and Revised PROGRAM Proposals 
This guide had two parts: 1) information on the various components that are part of every curriculum package that includes a program revision, and 2) step-by-step instructions for completing the CIM proposal, including the rationale, program requirements, and the Plan of Study grid (in this folder, you can find the undergraduate grid template in the preferred NYSED format, along with instructions for how to use it, and examples of filled out templates).

Developing Your Ithaca College Course Syllabus
This page links to information about required and recommended elements for course syllabi.

How to write effective SLOs 

Resources for Curriculum Revision from CRLC

A collection of resources developed for faculty and departments engaged in comprehensive curricular revision. 

(Note: some documents may require Netpass login or connection to the VPN. In order to download a copy you can use/change, click "Save as" for the download option.)

  • Guidance for School Curriculum Committees Reviewing Revised Program and Course Proposals :
    APC has determined that it is the responsibility of school curriculum committees (rather than APC) to conduct “detailed review of the course content, course syllabus, course description, etc.”. This document discusses the criteria to be applied in review of course proposals, as well as criteria to be considered in review of program proposals, in particular to affirm that the revision is in compliance with the Provost’s stipulations.
  • Syllabus Insert--Recommended 
    Our students need transparency about how they are expected to spend their time in a course in order to be successful. This insert provides one model for how faculty can document for students how much time they are expected to spend in class and engaged in instructional activities, and how much time they are expected to spend on supplemental assignments. This insert will be particularly helpful for curriculum proposal review when a course revision entails increasing or decreasing credits.
  • Reference Chart for Instructional Time and Credits :
    This document contains a chart specifying how much class time and supplemental assignments are required for each credit, by NYSED regulation. It also discusses different ways that class time can be spent, depending on the pedagogy (e.g., lecture or seminar vs. laboratory or practicum) and the total credits.

  • Framework for Curriculum Revision-Updated Guidance 2022-2023
    Outlines the objectives of comprehensive curriculum vision; lists the provost's stipulations for such revision; provides additional expectations regarding such revisions, including staffing plans, documenting impact on other departments; offers information about teach-out plans, NYSED re-registration, and APC deadlines for 2022-2023.

Membership and Meetings

School of Music, Theatre, and Dance 

  • Sean Linfors, Assistant Professor, Music Education 

School of Humanities and Sciences 

  • Shaianne Osterreich, Associate Professor, Economics {Spring 2023} / Joash Geteregechi, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

School of Health Sciences and Human Performance 

  • Lynne Hewitt, Professor, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology 

School of Business 

  • Scott Erickson, Chair of Curriculum Subcommittee 

Roy H. Park School of Communications 

  • Brad Lewter, Assistant Professor, Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies

All-College Representatives

  • Jack Bryant, Associate Professor, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies

Student Representative 

  • TBD


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Please feel free to contact your school's APC representative, Associate Dean, and/or email APC directly.