The Curricular Revision Liaison Committee (CRLC)

This ad hoc committee will serve as a support, coordination, and communication body that supplements the efforts of existing faculty committees, nurtures cross-school communication, and offers professional development for faculty.

Committee Responsibilities

Provide support and guidance as faculty and departments undertake comprehensive curricular revision. Ensure college-level coordination of plans across campus in the following ways:

  • Gather data on and context for curricular revisions under initial consideration by departments--to better understand, across the College, areas likely to undergo curricular revision.
  • Develop and distribute a framework for curricular change, including procedures related to course revision, program revision, and course scheduling.
  • Propose a College-wide sequence for curricular changes to move forward through the faculty review/governance process.
  • Support faculty in developing/proposing new curricula.
  • Support proactive communication between areas with shared coursework or shared curricular goals/outcomes as changes are considered by departments. 
  • Develop guidance for departments and schools around curriculum planning, proposal development, and APC/NYSED processes to support chairs and school/department curriculum committees.
CRLC Membership
Members of the CRLC are available to support you in curricular changes. Find your representative(s).
Members of the CRLC
CRLC Resources for Faculty
Review a collection of materials that offer guidance to faculty engaged in developing proposals for revised programs.
Resources Available

Please know that the resources within this site will be updated as we hear your feedback, solicit and answer questions from our colleagues, and gather resources that might be helpful to you.