Curricular Revision Liaison Committee (CRLC)

From spring 2021 until spring 2023, this ad hoc committee served as a support and coordination body supplementing the efforts of existing faculty committees in the curriculum revision process taking place across the College.

Committee Responsibilities

The CRLC had the following role and responsibilities:

  • Affirmed the provost’s stipulations guiding curriculum revision (see below);

  • Developed guidance for departments and school curriculum committees around curriculum planning, proposal development, and APC/NYSED processes;

  • Supported proactive communication between areas regarding shared coursework or shared curricular goals/outcomes ; 

  • Brainstormed and problem-solved challenging curricular issues.I
Six Stipulations from the Provost for the Curricular Revision Initiative
  1. Undergraduate curriculum revisions will be submitted in 2022-2023 in time to be approved in time for publication in the Fall 2023 catalog.
  2. All departments will examine their curricula and streamline program requirements by
    1. reducing total credits required in the major overall;
    2. reducing the number of required/named credits in the major that are taught by the department; and
    3. streamlining and introducing flexibility in program requirements
  3. The changes to programs and majors may not result in an increase to the credits within the major.
  4. Undergraduate BA/BS/BFA/BM degree may not require more than 120 credits to graduate.
  5. Departments will maintain or increase their commitments to the Integrative Core Curriculum, including ICSMs and ICC-designated coursework, as well as open electives available to non-majors, and will include this in their resource planning.
  6. All standard courses are required to conform to NYSED and federal requirements regarding time spent on faculty instruction and supplementary assignments.

CRLC Documents and Guidance

Documents relevant to the work of the CRLC: 

The curriculum guidance documents developed by the CRLC are available on the APC-Curriculum webpage, in the section RESOURCES FOR FACULTY PREPARING CURRICULUM PROPOSALS.