Refrigerators and Microfridges

One mini-fridge or one combined microfridge unit such as those leased through CSI Campus Specialties is allowed per room. Any damage to the residence hall or its furnishings resulting from a refrigerator, mini-fridge, or combined microfridge unit will be billed to the student(s) responsible for the appliance.

You can rent a mini-fridge or a microfridge from CSI Campus Specialties which services Ithaca College. It is one way to be certain that the appliance meets Ithaca College's size and electrical standards.

If you choose to bring a microfridge or mini-fridge, be advised that you must show documentation that it meets all power, size, and electrical operating specifications.

Specifications and Restrictions

In addition to the requirements for appliances, refrigerators, and combined microfridge units must also 

  • be adequately ventilated 

  • be 5.0 cu. ft. or less in size 

Refrigerators and combined microfridge units may not 

  • be placed in closets 

  • use sulfur dioxide, ammonia, or propane 

Combined microfridge units must 

  • be equipped with a power allocator or be plugged into an overload protector that limits the total amperage used by both appliances to 10 amps or less.