Room Personalization

Decorating can make your residential room a real "Home Away from Home."

Certain types of decorations pose fire hazards with others having safety issues. Our room personalization guidelines are intended to provide you flexibility to decorate your room or apartment while minimizing the potential for damage to facilities and furnishings, and risk to the safety of our residents.

You are allowed to place posters on walls or doors, but these cannot collectively cover more than 20% of the surface area. You can attach decorations to walls and surfaces which aren't specifically prohibited using white Funtack (residents of Circle Apartments should not use Funtack of any kind), tape, or other adhesives so long as it does not damage any painted or finished surface when removed. The College strongly recommends the use of Command adhesive for all wall and door decorations.

You can also place area or accent rugs. Residents can also paint, but only by following our Room Painting procedures.

Can I Paint My Room?

Students can paint their own rooms as long as they follow the guidelines outlined below.

Painting Your Room

You May Not ...
  • affix posters, tapestries, or any other covering to the ceiling.
  • cover fire detection equipment, lights, or heaters with any decoration.
  • hang items from sprinkler heads, pipes, or smoke detectors.
  • use wallpaper or contact paper on surfaces, including inside drawers.
  • hang tapestries.
  • hang curtains or other materials in front of a closet, door or entryway.
  • nail hooks into walls, ceilings, doors, or furniture.
  • use blue funtack.
  • have candles, incense, potpourri burners, or items with an open flame.
  • remove screens, or safety bars.
  • remove college furniture.
  • place electric lights on room doors.
  • wrap lights around items (e.g., bed frames or railings).
  • use Pop Up Bed Tents