Painting Your Room

Students may request to paint their room.  You need to meet with the Assistant Director of Operations, Office of Residential Life to review the guidelines listed below and your paint color, before painting. 

  1. Only bedroom walls may be painted. Common living spaces in apartments may not be painted with the exception of the common living area walls of 2-person Garden Apartments.
  2. A bedroom or common living area walls of a 2-person Garden Apartment may be painted only once during an academic year.
  3. All four walls must be painted, including the insides of closets if already painted.
  4. Ceilings may not be painted.
  5. If all walls are not to be painted the same color, three must be painted white with one painted an accent color.
  6. Metal trim and wood areas (e.g., bookshelves, radiators, furniture, molding) are not to be painted. Residents may request to have radiators painted by the Office of Facilities.
  7. Only Sherwin Williams latex, semi-gloss paint may be used (attach swatch to this form).
  8. The paint color (palette color reference number) must be provided to and approved by the Assistant Director of Operations, in advance. NOTE: Only the lightest three shades of any color swatch card are eligible to be considered.
  9. You must submit any necessary repair requests for the room to the Office of Facilities and these repairs must be completed before painting can begin.
  10. Residents are required to provide their own paint, supplies, drop cloths and cleaning materials. A Residential Life staff member will supply a step ladder in order to paint elevated areas.
  11. Residents are responsible for the proper disposal of painting materials.
  12. Any damage (e.g., paint spilled on carpets) that occurs during painting will be charged to the residents whose signatures appear on the application to paint your room.

For an application to paint your room, contact us at

Common Areas

Common bathrooms, hallways, and lounges may be painted or personalized only with the approval of your Residence Director (RD), Assistant Director of Staff and Programs, and the Assistant Director for Operations. See your RD for specific guidelines and procedures.